Mobile Marketing is not scary anymore!

The idea of Mobile Marketing always used to scare me because I didn’t understand it. Then my Population colleague Ben Cooper broke it down for me.

‘Mobile Marketing is just another name for the portable web.’

This is a really great 2min video on the evolution of the screen.

Fourth screen by Nokia.


Ben Shepherd said...

agree with ben, mobile marketing is just portable web ... at the end of the day it's all media.

problem is - the mobile guys (especially the carriers) place obstacles in the way (specs, landing pages, creative reqs etc) that manage to turn what should be simple into something often rather convoluted and ultimately confusing.

like all media - it's a channel that is available to try and reach the right person at the right time with the right message in the right context.

very solid results from the 10 or so trials we've done too.

Unknown said...

The video is not dislike a white paper. It is broad sweeping statements that are designed to create a platform for the sales pitch. It fun, but way too broad to take seriously at this point.

Unknown said...

nice way of looking at it. no doubt mobile is the big untapped monster but the hurdle of speed and platform (the iPhone is almost there) is the one which will make users comfortable about relying on mobile rather than seeing it as a 'have a bit of a play' device for online activity.

AKTIFMAG said...

A few years ago I was driving when someone on the radio was discussing a little project myself and Mr Ludic did. I got out my mobile in an attempt to ring them and discuss it.

For some reason my phone wouldn't dial properly and was freezing up. Time past and I missed my opportunity to speak but a few minutes later my phone beeped with a message. It was Vodafone. They had been sending me some ad crap video. This is what screwed up my phone and took the time to download. So not only was I pissed off for getting hassled with unsolicited marketing but they totally fucked up the call I was meant to make....oh and in doing so they just proved what a bunch of total pricks they are with the 'Make the most of Now' line. They somehow seem to spruik it but do the exact opposite.Like when I called them to tell them what I thought I had to sit on hold for 10 minutes listening to more 'hold music' which was an ad telling me to 'make the most of now'.


Ben Shepherd said...

the users are already there nathan ... usage figures are pretty big for AU and will continue to increase with iphone/bold/n96 etc.

it's moved beyond a play/experiment device.

our ford and disney campaigns have seen significant numbers behind them - in terms of reach, interaction, data. And this isn't push sms - it's display media.

Able and Baker said...

We've tried to get GPS driven creative campaigns up and running, only to be told by the technical types that the penetration of these devices is still minimal (to Ben's point of right message/time/context). Is this bollocks?

Bones Lawley said...

Oh I do love a good self-pleasure session from a multinational. haha. I agree with Nathan, I don't think we're there yet, and I don't think Nokia is anywhere near challenging the iPhone, I think we will see apple dominance for a while, and a lot more brands jumping on board iPhone apps for advertising -like the Carling beer application for example. This should be good for free consumer entertainment at least.

Unknown said...

Maybe 'untapped' was a tad strong. purely from the numbers that I have researched and focus groups I've attended most prefer consumers stil prefer their content delivered traditionally (and in this context I'm considering online as traditional). No doubt we're moving from early adopters to early majority (and rapidly) and will only accelerate as current phone contracts cease and the majority move onto smart phones.

Anonymous said...

I think we're trivialising it the way Direct Marketers trivialise the difference between email and snail mail. Unwanted spam is one thing, an ad on my mobile phone is in my personal space and I'm a long, long way from being OK with hearing a commercial while waiting for the phone call to connect (which is itself a pretty interesting idea I think...).

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