Mememolly leveraging audience equity!

image via memememolly

MemeMolly is a great example of a Vlogger/content producer who is commercializing her audience equity on Youtube. She is the 4th most subscribed Canadian on Youtube. Here are two examples of her commercial nouse.

She recorded this music video clip for artist Ali Slaight, she helped to bring 40,000 new listeners to her music.

On MemeMolly homepage she has also given up her prime video position to the MyDamnChannel, a commercial channel sponsored by Southern Comfort.

On a side note; this is a few of the better channels that I am subscribed to on Youtube (full listing here).

Frezned (AUS)
Community Channel (AUS)
Dominic Donovan

Modular Records (AUS)
DJ Flagrant (AUS)
Bob Burnham

Advertising/Social Media
B&T Mag (AUS)
Social Media Blog

Gruen Transfer blogger Michael Lanyon has just started playing around with animated blog posts which is something new. He has a great kick off post on Marketing downloadable content.


MrTruffle said...
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MrTruffle said...

I like the film clip done by the Meme girl It doesnt feel like an ad. If you hadn't of mentioned it I wouldn't not even know that she was doing it for cash as it feels natural to her blog.

As for the gruen transfer blog video. I like the idea of using animations instead of videos. Gives the creator a much bigger canvas to work from.

The video does remind me of who is a very popular video blogger with a unique style.

My comment would be for Michael to alter the artwork style slightly (even go sketch style or what ever style he can produce naturally) other wise he'll run the risk of getting attacked by the ZP fan base. (which is very vocal and very large)

I saw this done for D&AD too which worked well. Id like to see more of this as talking heads aren't as fun as this

As for your point on audience equity its funny I was thinking last week "what happened to Zefrank and his move to hollywood" and i still dont know the answer. The top blogger Ze frank signed a deal with a hollywood talent agency and moved to LA a while back but i've seen nothing for a while. So audience equity isn't always guaranteed.

wisey said...

frezned is so great.
I love the way he makes his videos visually interesting as well.
Makes me rethink how to use the medium effectively.

Julian Cole said...

@MrTruffle I totally agree about audience equity not working everytime. I think that it has to be relevant the context of their crossing of channels. If it doesnt make sense why they are now on the other channel it will not work.

@Wisey I think we can learn alot from the top level of content producers on Youtube

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