Facebook Connect and what it means for Marketers

You have got to check out this presentation. Good use of 2 minutes!

Ross Raeburn just pointed me in the direction of this awesome slide presentation and post by Alison Leonard Hansen.

There are 4 things I like about her post;

1. This shows how this technology can be misused.

2. I am just a sucker for a good bit of response feedback. Check out the comments by David Deal, aka Razorfish

3. Alison's Tagline is spot on;
Musings from a social media "current iteration of the Web" junkie.
Social Media is just a current iteration of the web. David Gillespie talked about this recently.

4. There is a unicorn at the top of the page! TAKE THAT STAN LEE!


Anonymous said...

Yep dig it but it does assume people want one persona online...

I think many people have several online personas so will need to be able to manage them independently - may have implications for data centralisation, may just mean multiple centralised accounts.

Julian Cole said...

Totally agree, I think that Erving Goffman; used to talk about the different masks that you wear with different groups of friends. I find that my Facebook is totally different to the way I use Twitter and this blog.

Half of my friends on Facebook really could not care about a killer social graph presentation that I just found..... I don't think they know what they are missing out on!

However I think this still will have a massive impact on the way that people will use the interwebs!

Julian Cole said...

Kind of like when Facebookers wig out when they see people updating their status from friendsfeed with @insertname in it!

Unknown said...

Integration, the same reason igoogle is so popular, but more like igoogle v5.0 (I know we skipped v2-4 but it's a big jump).

There is still more jumps to go!

Ben Shepherd said...

Igoogle is popular?