12 Historical Social Media (Marketing) Moments

1. Amazon Review Section May 15th 1997*
One of the antecedents to ‘Web 2.0’ people were given the facilities to produce content online, in the form of reviews for products. This little application would change the way that people would buy products and the way that marketers communicated their products.

2. Friendster March 22 2002
The launch of the first of the big social networking sites, the site was modelled on dating sites and lost its popularity when they started banning music bands and fictional characters from creating profiles. Myspace encouraged bands to create music and the fans moved with the decision.

3. Technorati 20th November 2002

Technorati launched and helped to create a metric that goes beyond traditional measure of effectiveness of media channels (reach measures). They help to measured the influence of a media channel (blogs) through how many people were speaking about a person ideas (Authority), a very BIG step in the right direction.

4. Mysace Fox Interactive Media pays $580 million for Myspace July 16th 2005

Booyah, Social Media is worth money! ... or is it?

5. The first viral Youtube clip - Evolution of Dance April 06 2006

6. Jaffe Juice holds Curry to ransom September 7th 2006

Jaffe Juice holds Adam Currie to ransom for not giving any link love to Jaffe after Adam appeared on his show and made no mention of the episode in his own podcast. Only Joseph Jaffe could peform such a stunt and get away with it. Read story here

7. Transmedia Planning: Idea Propagation October 3rd 2006

Not really about the content (which is an amazing piece) but through the propagation of the message, he published the idea on his blog in the form of a post and it spread across the internet like wildfire!
October 3rd 2006

8. Dove Evolution Viral wins Cannes Ocotber 7th 2006

Dove Evolution helped to show that social media was valued by the old advertising heads picking up the Grand Prix Cyber Lion.

9. The first flog:Fake McDonalds Monopoly winners blogOctober 31st 2006

One of the first cases of abuse of Social Media by a Advertising Agency. The interesting thing was not that marketers would do such a thing but the punishment that was dealt to McDonalds at the hands of real bloggers. People now have more power to make your mistakes visible.

10. Dell Ideastorm launches February 16th 2007

Dell capatalised on the power of masses to help innovate and develop new ideas for Dell products. Social Media is now seen to change the research and development stage for businesses. The product was a creation of Salesforce who created the platform for themselves first with Salesforces Ideas

11. The Age of Conversation March 22nd 2007

The post between Drew McLellen and Gavin Heaton which was the catalyst for the book The Age of Conversation. Taking the Dell Idea one step further and created a product from the collective content of social media participants.

12. Power 150 ranking moves to Ad Age August 7th 2007

Todd And Power 150 moves to AdAge and boasts over 700 blogs now, a huge step in connecting the Marketing Community.

Anyone got any other great moments to add?

13. Time Magazine announces YOU (Social Media) as the 2006 Person of the Year December 13th 2006
Thanks for the hat tip Mike Kuhl

*May 15th 1997 was the launch date for Amazon, not the date that the review section was created.


Anonymous said...

Awesome - I made the top 12. My only question is, "Adam who?" Is his podcast even still running?


Zac Martin said...

Hahaha, Jaffe's comment above made me laugh.

I think the Evolution of Dance is an interesting one. Perhaps the first recorded viral, but Star Wars Kid takes the cake for viralism pre YouTube.

Julian, I think another element of successful blogging is ability to make awesome lists.

Anonymous said...

Great list, Julian.

What about the very first "beta" invites? The invites only system was a great draw card for early adopters and users alike.

Anonymous said...

Great list :)

I miss The Dell Hell (Jeff Jarvis) episode.

Zac is right about the starwars kid but this story is so sad, it was the right thing to do not to mention it.

faris said...

awesome - thanks!

Gavin Heaton said...

Excellent list, Julian. (Of course I would say that.)
But I have a feeling that the history of social media has yet to be written. We are still in pioneer mode. Now is the time to start getting serious.

Julian Cole said...

Gavin, I am ready to get serious on this one too. I have got passion in my heart and the motivation to help take this one to the next level. You can bet your bottom dollar that I am going to put 110% of my effort into helping to write this next chapter. Lets do it!

Maxiedog said...

Great list and moments in history. I'd like to start a discussion of what to do with the millions out there who don't use SM. This gap of consumers and even business leaders is real. I speak professionally and this past year polled at least 10 major industry groups, Who uses social media? Less than 5% in my big audiences and these folks did not have one foot in the grave.

Do we not think about this market, create social media seduction/education programs or just focus on the SM users? Love to know what you think. I lead a social media site called Oddpodz.com. We are a SM site for creative service industries and buyers. I hear from people all the time on this issue of "don't have time for SM, and don't see the value".

Is there a top 10 list of what to do with the SM snails?

Anonymous said...

This is cool. It would be neat to examine and log these as they happen.

And what about Time Magazine's 2006 Man of the Year? that was almost an allowance to participate in social media.

Anonymous said...

#6 - Except Jaffe didn't "get away with it" he got panned and humiliated by Curry.

Anonymous said...


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That was pretty interesting

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