Melbounre Marketing Podcast Smackdown: Marketing Today vs. Gen Y Podcast

I took part in Melbourne’s first Marketing Podcast Smackdown. It was an awesome collaboration between Marketing Today and The Gen Y Podcast. The recording revolved around a debate on whether Viral Marketing was a waste of money, with the heads that we had conversing in that room it was always going to be a great debate.

Listen here

Also check out Nat’s (Gen Y Podcaster) new blog Love me you’re famous

Another great collaboration that I am loving at the moment is Hilltop Hoods (my favourite Australian Hip Hop act) who have just come together with the smart Australian outfit Lowrider to remix the HH classic Roll On Up.


Zac Martin said...

One of my favourite podcasts I've heard in a while. Certainly gives me a lot to think about/blog about in the time being.

Loving the relationship between bloggers and rockstars. Keep on keeping on.

Andy said...

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