4. Family Trip; 10 Things I want to do in Marketing before I die

I feel indebt to my parents for all the opportunties that they have given me.I have had a very fortunate upbringing, I was lucky enough to go on a number of family holidays when I was growing up, these were great experiences because and they taught me a number of life lessons.

I guess the family holiday are symbolic of the reward for this hard work and making the most of your opportunties. Therefore one way that I always imagined that I would repay them was by being able to pay for a family holiday for all of us one day. I hope when I have made it in Marketing I will be able to do this and they will know that it was all worth it.

In this photo is my talented father Alan Cole, one of Australia’s finest Directors of Photography, my gifted sister Bryony Cole, who is amazing at everything she sets her heart too, and my clever mother Susie Cole, who is still regarded as one of the finest TVC Producers in Melbourne. But most of all they are my best friends and the best god damn role models a person could ask for.

10 things I want to do in Marketing before I die

1. Work for Nike
2. Win a Gold Cannes
3. Speak at a TED conference


Zac Martin said...

You have a really great way of creating series of posts and I really like that. It keeps the audience engaged and makes for some interseting posts like this one.

In regard to you working at Nike, here are my new SB Dunks. Not that you need to be told, but keep up the good work.