10 Great Social Media Searching Resources - 101 Resources for Social Media Marketers

Sole Searching

Here are 10 great resources to help you find things on the interweb.

31. Viral Video Charts (site)
This is a great resource which shows you what videos people are blogging about. Kind of like Youtube Most Played list before boob screen shots were introduced.

32. Google Alerts (tool)
Find out what new information is being published about your company.

33. Top Marketing Blogs in the World(site)
A ranking of the Top 150 (now 600+) blogs on Advertising and Marketing in the world

34. Technorati (site)
Gives you a great indication of the power of a blogger and their reach.

35. Local Blog Index (site)
In Australia we are blessed with the Australian Blog Index, which indexes a large number of Australian Blogs

36. Facebook search (tool)
Type in the name of your company and see how many people list their company in their career and other groups/fan pages/profiles that are using your name.

37. “ ” (advice)
Google searching with the word in commas will return better results

38. Business News Searching (website)
If it is business news that you are searching for then Plugger is the site to go to.

39. Employment searching (person)
Shai Roitman from Xpand is the man to see for Digital Marketing jobs in Australia.

40. Find out what people are twittering about (website)
Find out what everyone is saying about you on Twitter.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, one in particular I'd add to your list is Aussie News/ Blog monitor service Plugger http://www.plugger.com.au/ (how I found this blog)

You can also publish news about your company, monitor your competitors news etc

Julian Cole said...

Hey Scott, I am a big fan of Plugger as well. I already had it in the list however I think I will make it a bit more evident. :)

Glad to have another reader!