A right royal bitch, A Carmello Koala and Social Media

I had heard a lot about my mates new girlfriend and she sounded like a right royal bitch.

I knew I would not like this girl.When I met her for the first time a weird thing happened.

I really liked her. I thought about it later and figured it out.

The first thing she did was offer me a Carmello Koala and said that she had an addiction to chocolate and likes to share it. That was so nice I thought. After that I could only look at her in a positive light.

When I thought about it a little more it reminded me of what companies can do with social media. Companies have the ability to come to the table and offer the first piece of value. Whether it be entertainment value like the Sprite Truth Hunters videos or valuable marketing advice like Sticky Advertising does.

Giving this initial piece of value is important in getting potential customer to view your company in a positive light.

Companies need to offer this first part of value.

What piece of value is your company offering?


Zac Martin said...

I think we both agree that the future of marketing is about adding value to the transaction. What I think most companies miss the point on, is how small this value can be.

Even something a little as a chocolate bar can have long tail effects that you couldn't imagine.