Top 5 must use quotes on company blogging

Armano and his famous cowboy hat

A new A-Lister to my iGoogle RSS Reader is David Armano's blog Logic + Emotion

I was inspired by Gavin Heaton's Mining the Gold section to have a look at Armano's Greatest Hits sections and I found 5 really great quoutes on company blogging in a post Why Blogging matters: 6 Degrees of Perspective from 2006,

Here is the Top 5 must use quotes on company blogging.

1. Blogosphere Economics
The blogosphere has disrupted the economics of publishing, dramatically lowering the costs of content creation (most bloggers are not paid), content production (free blogging platforms) and circulation development (free links by other bloggers).

Eric Kintz, Global Marketing Strategy at Hewlett-Packard
2. Touch Point Discontinuity
The biggest risk for brand in initiating corporate blogs is creating what I’ll call “touch-point discontinuity." At the end of the day: we need present ourselves consistently across all consumer touchpoints.

Pete Blackshaw is Chief Marketing Officer of Nielsen BuzzMetrics
3. Blogs as catalyst of change
Blogging is a great way to put a fresh new face on a corporate structure, but the rest of the organization can't be too far behind. As corporate leaders, we need to develop the right strategies and tactics to ignite and catalyze positive change leveraging blog tools and methods while keeping the rest of the organization in tow

Pete Blackshaw is Chief Marketing Officer of Nielsen BuzzMetrics
4. Blogs are Consumer Affairs
A blog should sit within consumer affairs department, customer service wants to reduce attention to company where marketing and PR want to increase attention.

Pete Blackshaw is Chief Marketing Officer of Nielsen BuzzMetrics

5. Blogging is the ultimate Marketing Challenge
Anyone who runs a successful blog should consider themselves a marketer even if they are not. The reason for this is simple. The blogoshphere is filled literally millions lf blogs—over 55 million and growing. That’s a lot of noise and clutter. It’s not very different from the traditional marketing challenge which entails developing content and experiences that break through clutter and connect with the consumer. And further, most influential bloggers act as “personal brands” meaning that they connect with their readers on a personal if not emotional level and foster “brand” affinity and loyalty. So if you’ve been able to do this a blogger, then you’ve learned something about the meaning of brands and relationships

Daivd Armano, VP at Critical Mass

Do you have any good quotes on blogging to add?

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Gavin Heaton said...

There is plenty of gold in Armano's posts. Not only does he distil difficult concepts, he explains them visually in a way that few others can. Also check his Facebook fan page where you can download high res versions of his most popular images.

Julian Cole said...

Hey Gavin,

Thanks for the heads up on the Fbook page. Armano is someone who is moving his selling point past the written word and into images and doing it very well.

It will be interesting to see who takes a lead in the new platforms such as video.

In my opinion Mitch Joel and Jo Jaffe own the audio space but no one is really doing anything through video.

Do you know anyone who is producing informative content via video?