Catches of the Week

On Webstrategist, A Chronology of Brands that Got Punk’d by Social Media

On Logic + Emotion, Micro interaction + Direct Engagement

On Whats Next Blog, I don’t want my bank to be funny.
How come I didn’t write this post?

On Studentpreneur, Free Printing for Uni students. I want to bring this to Monash

On Facebook, Melbourne Gen Yers bonding over 2AM lockout via Facebook Group


Zac Martin said...

The outcry over the 2am lockout has been incredible! I think I've already been invited to twenty different groups. This one already has 11,000 members.

The Punk'd brands is a good find too. In fact, you should make this a regular segment.

Julian Cole said...

Yeah I was hoping to make it a Weekly thing. I have just pimped out my RSS reader with some sweet reads from all over the place, so hopefully will be getting my hands on some good content.

It will be interesting to see how many people they will get to this protest on May 31st.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring Studentpreneur! I've been working on free printing at the University of Sheffield (UK). The business is franchised from a group of Dutch students who I met up with back in Feb. Similar businesses offer 'free love' in all shapes and sizes: notepaper, napkins, photocopying.

If you have any thoughts I'd love to discuss.

User said...

StudyPrint sounds like an interesting idea! Would be good for printing out lecture notes out on...

Your 'logic + emotion' link is broken by the way, it says you can't use a trackback link.

Julian Cole said...

Rick- Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...


Ideally yes, the founders in the Netherlands have three printers and are going through around 30000 prints/week. They went to an on-campus university shop (privately owned) and thus foregone any tediousness trying to deal with the university. In the UK, EVERYTHING on campus is controlled by the University - who are terrible at getting anything done. Advertisers aren't interested until I have something in place and the University can't be persuaded to work any faster.

Still, to paraphrase Lance Armstrong, I'd rather die of thirst than drink a cup of boring graduate job.

Anonymous said...

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