Catches of the Week

Brand Tags, it seems every blogger and his dog is all over this great invention by none other than my Nakedite brother from another continent Noah Brier.

New student Blogger Simon Oboler started with a cracking post on 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' advertising missing the mark.

Old Ad for Goodyear making woman drive better Via adweek

A must see slide preso on Building your Personal brand via blogging
Via Get Shouty

Viral Video Unzipped! The truth behind the 'Guy backflip into jeans' video
via Gawker


Zac Martin said...

When I saw the Jeans advert a few days ago I immediately thought of the Ray-Bans but that post is really insightful. I wonder if campaigns anonymously launching videos like this will become illegal under the new laws to be introduced in the UK?

The personal brand link is really interesting too. I'm thinking of writing up a proper piece on online personal branding soon, this might be useful.

Excellent to see this segment makes its return.

Simon Oboler said...

Thanks muchly for the (needed) plug!

My first thought when watching the backflipping into jeans video was simply "why". It might just be me, but there wasn't really anything that spectacular in it unlike the raybans one which still seems cool

Julian Cole said...

A mate showed me and I instantly felt an uneasy-there-is-a-big-company-behind-this feel. My mate didnt believe me and he bet me $5 on it.

Zac - Good question for the UK law, I would be interested to see what the result of that would be. What would the restricitions be because it is a global campaign???

Simon- You deserved the plug, it was a good post and I am looking forward to future posts.