Chocolate brand wrapped in entertaining content: Dove Chocumentaries

5 reasons Cummins Nitro nailed Doves latest campaign.

1. They wrapped the branded content within an entertaining story.
2. Used Australian Humour yet still got away with not devaluing (boganising) the brands exclusive feel.
3. Created a sticky word- Chocumentary
4. Disrupts normal television scheduling with commercial running for one minute
5. Well shot, great art direction and continuity between two stories.


Zac Martin said...

Hmm. I hate when people say this but I feel like they're trying too hard. Though I'm probably not their target market so fair enough.

AKTIFMAG said...

I'm going to have to go ahead and not necassarillllly agree with you on that one.

Julian Cole said...

Zac, I think in terms of cutting out a position within the chocolate market, they have done this well. Now you know that Dove probably isnt your brand, i am going to have a guess here and say that Dove is at a higher price point than alot of their competitors.

Aktifmag, remembering that you are probably in the target market what is it about this that you dont agree with? That it is entertaining?

AKTIFMAG said...

being a sexy young girl who likes nothing better than snuggling up in front of the TV with Van Damme movies and a bit of chocky I felt they left me a little cold....wait thats just the door.

Some of it was a bit forced like an awesome Van Damme punch when he has his shirt off and his muscles are rippling.

Is it just me or is it now hot in here? Do Dove do melted chocolate?