10 Things I want to do in Marketing before I die. 1.Work for Nike

I will be adding to this list as I go.

1. Work for Nike
I want to be a part of making awesome pieces of art. Like this

And this

And this


Anonymous said...

Though all the vids are stunning artistically, the football piece goes even further...Last of the Mohicans is perfect for it

Julian Cole said...

My sister rightly commented that they all look like movie trailers. It was really hard to choose just one Air Jordan ad to put on the blog, because they are all so god damn good!

Simon Oboler said...

I do love the nike ads, however i think their newest one is probably the best of the lot in my opinion.
If you havn't seen it yet, which i am sure you have:

Age said...

As an avid Michael Jordan fan, that first ad gives me goosebumps... I saw the making of it somewhere, if you can dig it up make sure you watch it. Incredible attention to detail to recreate those moments...