5 new Australian Marketing blogs worth reading

I have not done a five new blogs worth reading for awhile. Twitter has definitely helped to uncover alot of new marketing blogs (therefore I have included Twitter handles in the following bloggers summaries).

1. Dan Pankraz vs. Youth (@danpankraz)

Dan looks at youth brands and culture. He has a good series where he segments the Youth Market (e.g Social Netsetters - travelling to show off). If you like Gen Y blogs you also have to check out Three Billion.

2. Community Girl (@emmakatetyler)

Emma Kate Tyler blogs about the topic of Community Management. An interesting blog which draws inspirations from a number of sources. She has a great post on the David vs Goliath stories from Social Media.

3. Joely Righteous (@JoelyRighteous)

Joel Pearson works for PHD digital and writes a blog on digital media and everything thereabouts including KFC Zinger Tower Burgers. He wrote a cracking post on 'The problem with all these Social Media Specialists'

4. Hayley (@hayleygleeson)

Hayley Gleeson works in advertising however her blog is more of a general outlet than specifically just about advertising. She shares a similar story to mine of moving to Sydney for work. She shares the feelings of moving city in a great post.

5. OMG with Emily (@emilyomg)

Emily is by no means a new blog however I have forgotten to include Emily on the Top Australian Marketing Blogs list in the past. Emily talks about the fine line between music and marketing. We both share a love of Kid Cudi which is always a bonus!

Top Australian Marketing Pioneers Blogs

I am going to update the Top Australian Marketing Blogs in June and it looks like we will be pushing over 150 Marketing Blogs.

If you have a Marketing Blog that you do not think is on the Top 150 Marketing Blogs, please let me know through a comment or email and I will add you to the list.


Hayley_Gleeson said...

Haha thanks, Julian! Now I'll have to put a bit more effort in...

Anonymous said...

Mark Pollard's 3 months young blog is a good read.

My blog is but a week old infant, but you might like my take on Google Street View and its branding possibilities...

emmakatetyler said...

Thanks Julian, glad you like the blog so far!

Julian Cole said...

No need to thank me Hayley and Emma, thank you for writing good content. Returnon, funny you say that, I was checking out your blog earlier today, good read. You are on the money about Mark Pollard as well.

AKTIFMAG said...

There seems to be a lot of marketing blogs Jules. You could almost go in the business of writing a blog about writing a blog about marketing blogs. Guarenteed return traffic when you recommend blogs and people always love someone mentioning them so you'd be everyone's mate, not just some fresh meat in Sydney living dangerously close to the forbidden nightlife.

Joel Pearson said...

Thank Julian,

Really appreciate the mention and hope people enjoy my blog.


Emily said...

Thanks for the mention Jules!
It's great to get a heads up on a few new blogs too - i'm looking forward to checking out Hayley, Emma and Joel's writing.

I've had a little bit of time off over the past few weeks... will have to get back onto it now!


Stu Buchanan said...

Nice work once again, sir - and good to see Emily on the list finally :-)

My humble effort is quitr nascent, but you might find something to get a kick out of: http://thesocialpages.net/

Tiphereth Gloria said...

hi Julian, would love you to consider my blog http://www.digitaltip.com.au which was originally on Blogger and neglected dreadfully until I got a domain and Wordpress installation for my birthday late last year. Since then its had a lot more love applied to it and am finding a voice for it, in digital advertising and social media.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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