Smart Spammers

It is not often that you see a smart spammer. Normally they cannot even spell. But I think I found a smart one.

This is potentially the best broadest targeted blog comment I have seen. It makes it feel like it is related to you. The problem is that she cannot remember what her name is Ruth or Tessa?!?!?! It is only when you go to her site and see the response from everyone else that you realise it is a spammer.

I take my hat off to you Ruth......or Tessa


Zac Martin said...


I enjoy reading your blog, I find your thoughts very insightful.

Seth Godin

lucio ribeiro said...

You crack me up Zac!
Julian thanks for the SEO related blackhat - it goes to the list of black hat spam SEo related stuff.
Lucio Ribeiro AKA Ruth

Kate Richardson said...

Man she posted me and as I was momentarily seduced by her compliment and didn't notice her blatant link bait at the bottom of the post

Elizabeth Bay

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Instant (ish) Karma.

I just got stung myself by Smart Spammer Daryl on a post about Maternal Health in Haiti:

Daryl said...

Like what i seen here, it was very interesting to see and visit all the great stuff on here, and would very much recommend this site to someone else also. Great Job...

Sadly Daryl is