Jungle Boys swing in - 4 Production Companies becoming consumer facing

Happy Easter!

Production company The Jungle Boys have set up a comedy skit show on their Youtube Channel, they promise to deliver new content every month.

I think this is a really good strategy by the boys, as they are becoming a consumer facing brand. If they consistently keep creating good content then they will gather a loyal audience via subscribers; which then in turn can becoming part of the selling proposition to brands. They start to create their own media channel. I also just think it is great that they are just getting out there and creating great content, I want in! :)

Here is my favourite one of their so far

Other examples of Productions companies creating content online.

The Nice Guys - The guys behind the Sprite Truth Hunters also have their own channel. Here is there 'Poogee Bay Hotel' Skit

And from Melbourne the Vive Cool City guys who have done the Chupa Chups MTV Awards interviews stuff lately.

Anyone know of any other local examples?

The most successful global Production Company / Person would have to be Kevin Nalty / Nalts (86th most subscribed Youtuber of all time) he is a career marketer by day and video producer by night. He also writes the blog Will Video For Food which looks at brands and how they interact on Youtube.


Anonymous said...

You're back in the game Julian - the blog has been awesome lately.

Nalts said...

Yey. I'm mentioned in this post. Yey.

Julian Cole said...

Nalts is that the best you can do? Seems like an auto response! Blah

Thanks Anon, you are usually so hard on me, good to see a positive anon come out of the wood works!

Hip Young Thing said...

I just discovered your blog Julian. It's quite fresh and hip. Reminds me a lot of a blog called Pigs Don't Fly. Are you familiar with it?

Zac Martin said...

Who the fuck is Hip Young Thing?

Anonymous said...

The Jungle Boys have been doing "consumer facing" videos for a while. It demonstrates passion for their craft and a healthily ribald sense of humour. They really upped the ante with The Jungle Boys' Saigon production office.

We launched the first episode of a comedy series about one casualty of commerce in our blog post on the financial crisis. I'm not sure we can promise a new episode EVERY month, but the second is in the can and should be online soon.