Andrew O'Keefe drunk footage No Big Deal!

Social Media helps to contextualise stories within society

Case in point is the recent footage of Andrew O’Keefe drunken night out in Melbourne.

Herald Sun ran it as a piece trying to disapprove of Andrew behaviour. It was only when the footage ended up on Youtube that the public was given a voice.

Instead of people disapproving Andrew’s behaviour they are actually more critical of the role of the Herald Sun and the filmers of this footage.

It kind of reminds me of the Kevin Rudd in the strip club fiasco, most analyst saw it as a blow to the Labour party. In my eyes it just showed that Rudd was human, when did going to a strip club become illegal?


Anonymous said...

I agree, Julian.

Channel Seven made a mistake with its initial PR strategy though. By trying to buy up the footage, they turned it into a much bigger story.

It went from "here's a star who's a bit drunk" to "We bring you the censored tape!!!"

A press officer once complained to me that if they send out a press release, nobody reports it, but if you put the same document into a brown envelope, stamped it "confidential" and stuck it through the newspaper's letterbox, it would be on the front page.

The same principle seemed to apply in the Herald Sun's news judgements. The fact that Seven tried to suppress it turned it into a bigger tale than it otherwsie would have been.

Julian Cole said...

Great point, it is all the way you package the information, quiet literally in this case.

I think I will have to invest in one of those "confidential" stamps.

AKTIFMAG said...

My mate used to Party too much so he decided he needed to stop. To do this he bought a dog. His thinking was if he had a dog he'd have to be home to take care of it and it would just help him change his lifestyle.

For the next 6 months everytime you went past Revolver night club that dog was tied to the pole out the front.

Daniel Oyston said...

This bloke being drunk is so boring. Just because he is a celebrity I am suppose to be more entertained by the news story? Zzzzzz

The kid who filmed it should be ashamed. Andrew had obviously had way too much to drink and this kid was egging him on. How would he have felt if Andrew had of stumbled out in front of a car?

It should be illegal to film this sort of stuff and the media outlets should have the balls not to show it. I feel really down sometimes when I realise that this is what people find entertaining and that it is in the top news stories for the day :(

Anonymous said...

This is known as the "Streisand effect".

That being, when you try to suppress something on the internet, it garners a far greater audience than it would have originally.