Josh Lyman consults Malcolm Turnbull on Internet Censorship/Twitter: Guest Post

The following is conversation that was captured between Malcolm Turnbull and The West Wing star Josh Astley
"Mr Turnbull I think we have gained some real traction with the Australian Online Community with our entry into Twitter, All the good work that was done by Kevin07 has seemed to be undone with our latest efforts.

Although our numbers (followers) may look like a small share of people, the peoplel we are talking with are highly influential, they publish alot of content online and reach a much larger audience.

In terms of our response to Conroy’s clean feed system, they are hungry for a response (shows Turnbull Summize stream, image below)… I think it would be in our best interest if we broke the story on Twitter. We need to reward this community with the scoop. Obama did this with VP announcemet, now lets drive the nail into the online Rudd coffin and show our commitment to this space.

What do you think sir? "

At the moment I am working my way through season 1-7 of The West Wing, if you have not watched it, do it. Any comments from CJ, Jed Bartlet, Sam Seborn, Toby, Leo or other members of the show will be permitted!


Anonymous said...

I've seen every West Wing episode at least twice and most thrice :) The parallels in the last series with Obama are uncanny! You'll love it...

Anonymous said...

I wrote off every night for a month watching all the West Wing episodes back to back. Amazed that it took you this long to be lured in!

From Toby, the voice of the people - online space or no, the man would argue for an individual's right to choose!

"Sir, you have got to consider the possibility that practically every man and his dog out there are against the Senator's proposal. You're an educated man, you're a business man, but the one thing you cannot claim to be is an average man. And the average men and women of this country deserve a voice, and they deserve to be heard when they speak up. It doesn't happen often enough, and it always happens for the wrong reasons. But this is for the RIGHT reason.

Josh won't shut up about the conversations happening on Twitter, and as much as it hurts me to agree with him, he has a point. The people are being vocal, sir, and we cannot ignore them. Government should never be somewhere that above average men rule the rest - government should be a place where people come together, and nobody gets left behind. Nobody.

Listen to the people, sir. They're crying out for your moral leadership. Don't let this one, rare chance to stand up for what's RIGHT go by. I don't want to have to explain to my kids that daddy was there when the law got passed that turned their internet usage into something resembling North Korea...and that I didn't fight it with everything I had.

Let the Twittersphere, and the average men and women of this country, know where we stand. Where we draw the line on their liberties. And then ask them if they agree. Because that's what we can do in this online space - we can give government back to the people."

Anonymous said...

Hillarious... have you seen his Flickr Stream?

Begs to be ROFLBOTed (

Like this one I prepared earlier for Johnny:

Unknown said...

What a balls up, I mean seriously... it was like the nerdy kid trying to skateboard and falling off infront of all the influential cool kids. Nothing changed other than we all got a good laugh out of it

Laurel Papworth said...

What was the episode where Josh Lyman went crazy on an online community? It was a fansite... ? Full of psychopathic fans..? o.O Remember? He tried to out troll the troll and caused a helluva mess? I loved that episode - of course :)

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I wonder how many votes Matt Santos managed to get in the recent US election.

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