Gizmodo and Sony doing Australian ARGs!

What is an ARG?
Definition of an Alternate Reality Game

How is it different to an Easter Egg?
Easter Egg is just a hidden part of a website, ARG makes people crack codes together, usually on and offline.

Australian ARGs happening at the moment

Gizmodo Forum Quantum Central and the Gizmodo posts

The Presets Talk like That

Well done to both Agency and Clients who did these, it takes balls!

And Kate's post on the confusion with ARGs (Nokia example)


Anonymous said...

Euro work! woot woot!

Zac Martin said...

Maybe someone like Sony only wants to reward and interact with their most loyal and passionate customers, those who are willing to do more than just skim in and out.

I do agree though, but it might not be their objective to please everyone.

MrTruffle said...

Sad the videos only got a smattering of views. The old "most loyal and passionate customers" doesnt cut it when the videos dont go past 2,000 views. :(

Again julian i think The Presets work isn't an ARG and its not an easter egg thats for hidden stuff you find in media that makes you go oh cool. It's a "treasure hunt" which is something used many times by portals (like 9msn) to increase page views across their network. Ie "find the 10 secret words around these sites and enter them here to win. 10x the page impressions. We did this for Kzone and their KKash promotion. Find the secret Kkash words and win. I never once thought of this an an ARG.

a better example of an ARG is what they did for Bourne or Mission impossible movies

We don't want the term "ARG" to become like viral where the word gets used willy nilly. You should know better Julian :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting ... Never heard of "ARGS" until your post..

Im remembering a campaign done by Nike in Sydney, just around the time of the 2002 world cup..

There were bill posters put up with a symbol, and you had to sms in the symbol.. and if you sms'd all the symbols you won something.. ( i think it involved more of a puzzle type game but i cant remember)

Catching the bus to school i was always on the lookout for these bill posters, which were put up like once a fortnight and didn't stay up for long

Unknown said...

Involvement is an interesting balancing board, on the one hand it has to retain your attention, on the other it has to play whilst still living your life.

Nice beautiful mind reference, maybe work some Buddy Franklin into your next VOD cast!