2 years of Adspace Pioneers

-the peak in June was when I launched the first Top 50 Marketing Blogs
-the peak in August was when the Top 12 Historical Moments in Social Media Marketing got picked up and published in the WOMMA.org

So the past year has seen a massive change in my blog. I have definitely narrowed the focus of the blog onto the topic of Social Media Marketing and I think the blog is better off for it. Anyway to some of the stats;

-177 posts
-596 comments which is massive improvement on a measly 30 in my first year!
-22,210 visits

And I would just like to thank the Zac (Happy Birthday for the other day), Josh, Matt, Gavin, Rick, Aktifmag (keep stirring the pot), Ben, Stan Lee (thanks Dad), Wags, Jye and everyone else who has kept coming back and reading or commenting on this blog throughout the year!

I am really big in IRAN!


Anonymous said...

Well done Julian!

Your blog has been a source of great inspiration for me.

Looking forward to reading future porcupine Pioneer posts...

: )

jyesmith said...

Well done, Juju!! Thanks for all the support.

Zac Martin said...

Happy Birthday champ.

Stanley Johnson said...

You're truly inspirational Jules. Keep it up.


Given you ignored my Facebook friend request I'm going to have ground you for a week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Send us a grab of your dashboard. I want to see what countries, % new users and page views :) Visits and comments aren't the only metrics that count :)

I haven't updated mine in a while but this is what I had in June


Gavin Heaton said...

Nice one, Jules. Two years ... sort of makes you a blogging veteran!

Gavin Heaton said...

Nice one, Jules. Two years ... sort of makes you a blogging veteran!

Ben Shepherd said...

good one julian - good content, good insights - keeps me coming back. 2 years is no mean feat!

Julian Cole said...

Hey Katie, Jye, Zac, Gav and Ben thanks for the wishes hopefully I can make it another good 2 years to come too!

Stan I have a rule of thumb with Facebook that I only add people that I meet in real life (call me old fashioned). It would be kind of weird adding my virtual dad on Facebook, I could just imagine you going through the profile nodding your head in shame at my drunken antics! ;)

Ash, you cracker bag, one week it is all about the comment love and then the next week, you are all up in ma grill about page views and new users. Anyway you make a good point so I will add them.

Your stats are just ridiculously high in comparison to mine!

Anonymous said...

Go get'um Jules. This is just the beginning!

Anonymous said...

“In the 20th Century, we did monologue marketing. We did most – if not all – of the talking. And we expected the consumer to listen. Now we’ve moved to dialogue. Consumers want to be heard. In fact they will not tolerate not being heard.”

– John Hayes, Chief Marketing Officer, American Express

...Keep it up Jules