Top 50 Youtube LOLs of 2009

Looking at the number of RTs and how much I like the clip, this is the Top 50 Youtube Gold clips of 2009. Congratulations to Ask Propecia, which even my mum and dad are fans of.

1. Ask Propecia the crack ho

2. Bangs will take you to da movies via his green screen

3. Boy gets bacon taken away so he moves out of home

4. Best Keyboard Cat in a long time

5. Every single Kramer entrance, in chronological order

6. Pinata accidents montage
7. Urinate in your golf club
8. The 100 greatest quotes from The Wire
9. Dating video goes really wrong
10. The best commercial ever! Jones' Big Ass Truck Rental
11. Amazing wheelbarrow race
12. It's a cat. With a box.
13. Bill Dance Fishin Blooper No.3
14. Pole dance ruins wedding
15. No need to wipe your bum anymore!
16. Morbidly obese woman + mechanical bull = WIN
17. Drugs to do on a first date
18. The @bag_raiders do the best cover ever of Bangs 'Take U to Da Movies'
19. Top 60 ghetto names
20. The worlds best dancer evah!
21. Old man breaks it down
22. Internet for kidz!
23. A really weird trip to the doctor
24. Best 80s fight scene
25. Massive gymnastic fail, includes good groin shot
26. Giant Seagull attack on Nine News
27. Barrier jump FAIL
28. Top Ten Seinfeld moments
29. We are douchebags
30. Unnecessary censoring of Sesame Street!
31. Hands up who has been shagged by a rare parrot?
32. Arthur the weather man memefied with Spiderman!
33. 100 greatest hits of Youtube in 4mins!
34. Courtship vs Dating- Christian Bad Acting
35. We need weather men like this in Australia
36. Horse kicks moron in the face
37. The perfect valentines gift for that special girl in your life
38. Worst acting of all time! There going to eat me! via Troll 2
39. An introduction: To Making Out
40. Top 10 Best Talk Show fights
41. Old man taking down the robber
42. Little dancing Ranga vs. MJ
43. Emplastro, Master Videobomber!
44. Auto-tune cats song awesomeness
45. The Pug head tilt
46. Best Death Scene Ever
47. The 1991 AFL Grand Final Halftime Show
48. 1987 Dating videos found
49. 80s Swazye on the philosophy of dancin

And my very first piece of Youtube Gold!
50. 'The best fight scene EVER!'

The Youtube Golden Hour

Every Friday at 4pm on Twitter I post all the best clips of that week in a segment I like to call Youtube Gold. It has now clocked over the 3 month mark so I thought it would be a good idea to create the best of YTGold in the form of the ‘Top 50 Video Lols of 2009’. If you ever find any funny videos please pass em on!

McCann's Birthday
At the moment my good mates Mark Pollard and Age Conte are cooking up a great present for Advertising Agency McCann’s 50tth. They are hosting an internet party where every hour, staff are putting out new content that is related to the number 50th.They are giving punters the chance to get involved by giving people $50 if they create something constructive in the honour of 50.

Facebook Tattoo Calendar

Just in case you forgot you can still purchase from me the amazing Christmas present of the 2010 Facebook Tattoo Calendar, only $20! All proceeds will be going to Bowel Cancer Research. Which is also where the $50 from McCann’s will be going.
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