Social Media is not all about long term relationships

I used to think that Social Media Marketing was all about the long term relationships, the campaign model was the devil's work!

How I was wrong.

Luke Slattery founder of Movember flipped this whole idea of long term relationship on its head. Movember only speak to people 3 months a year (October to December). They realised that people have got a lot of other charities to support and that they do not want to be taking everyone’s time up.

I tend to agree, especially if you are a part of another active social platform. If you have a presence on Facebook or Twitter then people are not going to be shocked when you stop talking, they understand why you have stopped. It is not going to affect them either because they have a number of other people who are part of their newsfeed. However if you had created a branded destination community and you abandon it, then that is another story.

We are currently looking after The Contender Australia Facebook Page, it is going great guns and has clocked over 22,000 fans in less than 8 weeks (case study in the works). We plan on stopping communication a few weeks after the conclusion of the show. We will then pick up the conversation again in 12 months time when the second season comes online.

Picture thanks to the best site on the Internet Brown Cardigan
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