The Golden Twitter Hour - 9 GOLD Youtube videos

I do not know how long this is going to last but I have decided to become a VJ on Twitter. From 4-5 on Fridays I am going to be shooting out nothing but GOLD from my Youtube collection. So if you missed it last week, here is what I threw down.

1. 10 Best Talk Show Fights via@tcollins

2. Could this be the best Russian Boy Band?

3. He is the Macintosh Man -80s IT guys spits the rhymes

4. The best fight scene EVER!
5. Hot Vampire Dance Scene
6. Captain Kirk wants to make love to the mountain by Shatner via@tannyboy
7. For the Doctors who are after the lols 'Stop reusing catheters!'
8. Learn from the best The Partick Swayze Dance Method
9. The Art of Meeting a Man

If you have any suggestions of GOLD Youtube videos, leave them in the comments section.


nemesis said...

The russian boy band song is now my ringtone! Well, not really but it's still awesome

Julian Cole said...

I might have to include it in the next list of examples of digital innovations by musicians/bands! ;)

Lachyw said...