How does an independent musician spend $1,000 online?

Tomorrow, I am speaking at the Music Marketing in the Digital Age workshop (thanks to Nick Crocker), I have been thrown the question; If you were an independent musician how would you spend $1000 online?

When creating a successful online advertising campaigns, I believe there needs to be a social idea that sits at the centre of the campaign. This idea must spark conversation online.

In terms of money allocation, I would spend $400 coming up with the idea and producing it. Then spend $600 supporting it with advertising (most likely Facebook Advertising pushing to a Fanpage and other parts of the idea). I would then follow up with outreach to relevant music news portals/blogs.

Examples of Social Ideas

Artist: Snobscrilla
Big Idea: For the ‘Farewell Monkey Tour’, Snobscrilla gave fans the chance to hang backstage with him by destroying something they USED to love. Best destruction got to hang with the big man!
Sparking conversation: Received a quarter page write up in local street press The Brag.

Artist: Lost Valentinos
Big Idea: For the launch of the Lost Cities of Gold album, Lost Valentinos hid gold coins at their shows, one lucky punter got the chance to win a trip for two to Peru.
Sparking conversation: Coverage on Pedestrian

Artist: BlueJuice
Big Idea: For the launch of the song “Broken Leg”, Bluejuice created a mockumentary around the 2009 Skipping Championship.
Sparking conversation: Coverage on Who the bloody hell are they?

Also watch out for Mark Catanzariti blog, this guy is 100% legend and it will only be a matter of time before one of the big music news portals picks him up.

More examples of Australian Musicians using Social Media


Matt Granfield said...

Advertising and/or hype is great to capture fleeting attention but music is the social object. I'd spend the $1000 hiring someone to do my day job so I could take time off work to make better music. The fans would then do the rest.

Andrew McMillen said...

Keen to hear more on why you think Mark Catanzariti is going to be big, Julian.

Julian Cole said...

Hey Andrew, I think the reason is that it is a refreshing presenting style for interviews. I think the way that they have edited it together with the fast cuts is great. The clunky blogspot works well. The fact that he has access to biggish Australian acts. I like that it is not just doing interviews but splicing it with the backstory to Mark C, it gives him room to move the story along.

He should be able to build up a big enough of a following before going to one of the major music news portals, who will be interested in that content.

Hey Matt, Don’t agree completely with ‘the fan doing the rest’. I agree that your product is what is going to get you across the line but your advertising is a part of your product. I am sure there are some people who like Bluejuice but they are sold across the line by their videos they make, it helps to give more of a story, another reason to become a fan and buy their album.

Meg Rayner said...

Snob Scrilla is a master at the online promo. He recently posted on his Twitter that he was looking for a PA. Ideally a uni student who could work for him 2-3 days a week doing online work and scheduling in return they'd go to all the gigs, parties and get to expand their networks in the music industry. He's a cool guy, we spoke this arvo.

Also BlueJuice's filmclip is based on the 1986 World Skip Rope Championships.. Again, I spoke to lead singer Jake Stone about it last week and their music video producer is their mate so they just keep pushing the boundaries. Interestingly, both Jake and Stav have a background in comedy which is why the mockumentary part is so funny. Apparently they do hours of improv everyday.

:) Meg

Unknown said...
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Nathan Bush said...

Catanzariti is a legend! Like the Snobscrilla idea as well - thanks Jules.

Ben Shepherd said...

i reckon this is an interesting content concept ... ask 6 diff people you'd get 6 different answers.

Would be interesting to get the perspective of a band, dj, manager, marketing dude, label dude, media person etc and see the differences.

Bones Lawley said...

I'm with you Jules Catanzariti is a champ. only three followers when i looked, 4 now. he's clearly worked in the industry and has friends, maybe a roadie or a booker or something. the edits are sweeet. ps. your blog is going from strength to strength, pretty much interested in everything that comes up here now