Advertising's Young Minds: The Top 27 Blogs of people under 27

Two years ago, Daniel Mejia came up with the bright idea of creating the Advertising's Young Minds list, the list would help let people discover the new talents of the Advertising industry. Unfortunately it had not been updated for almost two years.

Last week Daniel gave me the nod of approval to revive the list. So please let me know if you are not on the list or know someone that should be. I will do an update of the list in a months time.

Blog Name Country Google Reader Tech Authority Score Tech Reactions 10 Total
1 Jack Cheng (25) US 939 410 209 1558
2 Noah Brier (27) US 698 439 139 1276
3 Adspace Pioneers (24) AUS 218 411 82 711
4 Heron Preston (26) US 220 160 24 404
5 Jye Smith (23) AUS 44 291 31 366
6 Selective Amnesia (27) IND 222 92 11 325
7 Confessions of a Wannabe Adman (25) UK 102 121 39 262
8 The-Ad-Pit (27) UK 120 113 21 254
9 Cellar Door (27) US 114 103 28 245
10 Pigs Don’t Fly (20) AUS 44 146 38 228
11 Creative in London (26) UK 133 37 28 198
12 Adgrads (25) UK 96 66 13 175
13 Advertising Pawn (26) FRA 28 71 48 147
14 Nicola Davies (25) UK 64 66 13 143
15 Way Cool Jnr (25) AUS 86 45 0 131
16 Nil Desperandum (27) HK 20 38 7 65
17 Don´t go dizzy (22) ROM 38 12 9 59
18 Michael Karnjanaprakorn (27) US 31 16 8 55
19 Lexy Klain (25) AUS 23 22 6 51
20 CIIMS (25) AUS 23 16 5 44
21 OMG With Emily (?) AUS 23 9 4 36
22 I hate Ads AUS 17 11 1 29
23 Digestion (?) US 8 7 4 19
24 Joely Righteous (23) AUS 7 5 5 17
25 Gruen Transfer (21) AUS 9 7 1 17
26 Quintessentially Digital (25) AUS 14 0 2 16
27 Love number two ( AUS 8 7 0 15
28 Who put the devil in you? (?) AUS 10 3 0 13
29 Simon Says (20) AUS 3 3 4 10
30 The Bottom Rung (?) CAN 2 6 1 9
31 Post Modern PR (23) UK 3 3 3 9
32 Kruppy Rants (27) AUS 4 2 0 6
33 Frank, Hayley and the circus (24) AUS 2 2 1 5
34 Michael Allison CAN 5 0 0 5
35 Another Advertising Wanker (?) AUS 2 0 0 2

Requirements to be on the list
1. Your blog must be written in english

2. Your blog must have been active for the past 3 months

3. Your blog must show some original thinking, it´s not enough to have a blog with ads to be in this list.

4. You must be 27 years old or under

5. You must work or want to work in advertising or any other marketing communications specialty, it doesn´t matter if you´re a planner, copywriter, art director, account executive or else.

6. You can only have one blog in the rank.


Age Conte said...

Cool list Jules and very handy. I'm actually 28, so don't qualify but cheers for including! Good news is everyone moves up a spot!!

Julian Cole said...

Thanks Age, the list has been amended!

Alex of Melbourne said...

Great list, much blog reading to be done! Alas, I feel like an old man, at 29 I'm an elder (in age, not wisdom) of the community.

Zac Martin said...

Well I'm 19 for another five weeks, but I'm not going to complain with that ranking!

Good work as always Jules, great minds, thinking alike.

Erin Lamberty said...

Nice list! Always great to see peers sharing their thoughts on the ad world. I co-founded Yaybia! - a blog written by passionate young (22-24 years old) professional advertising women in Minneapolis. Feel free to check it out!

Gavin.Heaton said...

Nice work, Jules. I am sure you'll get a flood of new entries in the days and weeks ahead!

PS how do you ask politely about age?

andrea n said...

I'd have thought AdGrads was higher on the list :o

Mihnea said...

Great stuff, thanks for the mention! I'm 22, by the way.

Kate Kendall said...

Hey Jules,

Haven't updated good old The Zeitgeists for a couple of weeks and planning on an online rebrand and relaunch, but would like to be in the running for inclusion on the list for next time - if I'm comfortable with giving away my age that is. ;-)

Julian Cole said...

Gavin - that is a good questions, I am hoping that most people will tell me there age.

Erin, I will make sure to add you to the next list, if there is anyone else you know from the States that should be on the list, please let me know.

Zac Martin - indeed stupid minds do think alike. ;)

Mihnea - I have made the ammendments.

Kate - Would be happy to include you on the next list, what age should I put you down for?

Dana said...

My blog is only 60% about advertising and also only 60% in english but I'm happy for all those who made it in this top!
I think it's really cool that someone did put some light on (some of) the young minds in advertising from allover the world.

Keep it up, guys!

Stuart Foster said...

Saw one PR blog on the I'll throw a few out there:


David Spinks -

Ryan Stephens -

Figure I'll throw my blog on as well:

Paull Young said...

Hi mate - I'm only 25 :), however the biggest hassle for me of late will be squeaking in under the 3 month rule... really need to drag myself back to more regular blogging!

Nathan Bush said...

Nice one Jules, thanks for including me in as a sympathy vote! Note to new bloggers - start your blog on the domain you want to keep, changing can be painful. For the record, I'm 26.

PS. I'm secretly fuming Quintessentially Digital has beaten me. I will have my revenge Zoe!

Unknown said...

Ah Nathan, not only am I a few positions higher than you on this list, i am also 2 years younger and therefore far more accomplished...

I am awesome and you are slightly less awesome :-)

Joel Pearson said...

Thanks for that Julian, great to make it onto the list.

Just an FYI I am actually only 22 at the moment, but there are only a few months to go until Im 23 so thats cool. :P

sam joseph said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sam joseph said...

hey man, i dont know how my blog ranks but i'm under the age limit (haven't had to say that in awhile) (or unmasked:


Chris Maloney said...

Hey Jules,

Nice work. I'm 26 so could you add my blog to the list if it makes the grade?



Julian Cole said...

Yeah no worries guys, I have got you all on the list. If you know anyone else who should be on it, let me know.

Lexy Klain said...

Thanks for the inclusion Julian! Nice list. All the best, Lex.

Simon T Small said...

My hair loss may reflect that of a 48 yr old but my real age means I'm eligible... Am 25 yrs mate.

Julian Cole said...

No worries Simon, a mates grandma once told me that a receding hair line reflected how wise a man was. So take it as a compliment. I will add you to the list!

MrTruffle said...

Damn why not 30 under 30 :)

Kruppy said...

Cheers Jules. I love scraping into your lists. I sometimes feel like I've just won the well done ribbon for finishing forth in a 100m sprint in grade 4. "Well done son, you work hard and you could get a medal next year." :)

No compalints though. For the record though I agree with @mrtruffle and vote for a movement to change this list to under 30. It's a more rounded number, and also gives people like me who are approaching 28 too quickly some more time in the limelight of youth.

Lastly, how can we get a 'Top 27 Blogs of people under 27' badge?

Well done mate


NigePresto said...

Hey Jules,
Great list and thanks for aggregating so many cool blogs for us to check out later.
Keep up the tidy work.
- Nige

Tom Craik said...

Nice list and thanks for including me. I'm 23(just)if you want to include that.

I'll make sure to check out some of the other blogs on the list.


Alejandro Walker said...

Hi there,

I'm 26, living in Barcelona, Spain
nice links :)
Here is my blog, hope ypu like it...

Hayley_Gleeson said...

Hey Jules!

I just noticed this, thanks!

Your memory is shocking...24?! But I'll get over it because everyone puts me as older than I am, god help me when I'm 30. You can adjust my age to be 22!


Angus said...

Honoured to have made the list!

You can replace the ? by the blog with a 22!


The Bottom Rung

Sandra French said...

You might want to throw in - the blog is Pete Williams who is 27.

Unknown said...

wow, thanks for linking me!

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