The silver bullet to going viral! Friendship

This week, all I am going to talk about is friendship!

People say there is no silver bullet to going viral but there really is….it is friendship.

Friendship is different to networking/relationships because you can know someone but friendship is about going out of your way for someone.

I have done a number of things on this blogs that were along with other reasons motivated because I wanted to help my friends out.

The Samboys Chips video was not that remarkable, I think the way that all my friends (Nat, Andy, Nicole and some Twit bros) helped spread the word, really illustrated the true power of friendship.


Anonymous said...

Shazam. Got it in one Jules.

Anonymous said...

I know that you're not a zealot on either side of the bloggers vs journos debate, Julian.

But I think you're comment highlights an interesting point of difference between the two sides.

Journos are generally embarassed to be found helping out their mates with stories/ coverage etc.

But bloggers are poud of it. I'm not sayign there's anything wrong with it, but it is another interesting difference.


Tim - Mumbrella

Julian Cole said...

Yeah, very interesting point Tim. I do not think that this is a new concept, I think it has been happening for a long time, even in journalism.

I was talking about it with a friend the other day and they were talking about a friend of theirs who had just ran a really successful branded social event (that you may have covered on Mumbles). The idea was not that revolutionary but the reason it was such a success was because of the said persons friendship within the Sydney Social Scene. His friends came along to support him and made it a success.

@Matt thanks mate! ;)

Daniel Oyston said...

I think the interesting angle is what type of content people are willing to help you out with. Your connections/network will want to believe in what you are doing before really helping you whereas your mates will help you out because you are friends rather than because of the content/idea.

Julian Cole said...

@Daniel Yeah I would definitely agree. I guess it is almost a little equation you can work out. (strength of friendship) + (strength of idea) = (chance someone will help you out)

When something goes 'viral' as in it is being republished three or four times away from the public source it is more about the strength of the idea. For instance with the Bushfire Appeal, I do not know the blogger Dirk Singer but the equation went a little something like this for him (IMO);

(0 strength of friendship) + ( strong strength of idea) =