I party farkin hard wif me mates, I got photos to prove it! WTF is Public Identity?

Do your mates like to P-A-R-T-A-Y hard on the weekends? Do they get really munted or pass out drunk all the time?

Then you might need to submit the evidence to Skanked Weekly – Facebook Group. The group is ‘A weekly pictorial update of the worst of the worst. The trash of Melbourne seedy underground.’ This is a public group that ANYONE can join. Even your future employers.

It is always very entertaining viewing and I sometimes think about dobbing in my mates.

But I always come back to my mothers sage advice;

If Asher Moses took those photos and published it on the front of SMH would it still be LULZ-worthy?

Probs not, don’t want to embarrass my mates that much.

Last week, Over in Perf a small time blogger LoversandLobbers (a blog that captures clubbers who have taken too many pills or very public displays of affection) published some interesting shots of a nice gal giving a good servicing to a guy under the piano in a popular Perth nightclub.

Turns out via comments time, that the boy in photo was married and that girl is not wifey.

Photos became little Perf meme and turned up on NOVA website.
Guy in photos asks blogger to take them down,
Blogger tells him to get stuffed.

Public identity is in a little bit of a pickle at the moment. People are told to be careful what they publish online but in a number of cases it is actually a third party who can alter your identity via publishing/tagging you in incriminating photos.

New problems for the youf of Australia?

What is your advice to iGens knowing that Amateur Paparazzi are out every Saturday night but all they want to do is feel ‘real’ via ecstasy, munch their jaws off for 6 hours and then get intimate with 'new friend' at club?


communitychannel said...

thank god i wore a wig

Nudge Marketing said...

Good post Jules but I cant help thinking that the more intertwined with technology we become the harder it is to hide ones mistakes. I dont subscribe to the idea that this generation is up to more mischief than any other, I just think they are the unlucky ones that are on the forefront of the wave.

so in conclusion, lets shut down the internet :)


Zac Martin said...

Julian is this because I posted that photo of you on Twitter? ;]

I think the key point of this post is that it is rarely the person themselves who posts the discriminating photos online. And even then most will go to the extent of detagging and burying it if possible.

It's the friends who bring it up.

Can anything be done about it? Our lives are more public than ever.

Jye Smith said...

Advice? If you're somewhere public, people can see it. Rather than sharing photos, they can share photos.

"Oh I saw you and your husband hitting third base under the piano. Awesome move guys -- he looked uncomfortable, but happy"

"But I was baby sitting that night?"


Age said...

I think it is something kids need to be aware of. Though I also think things like that Facebook Group might even encourage it - like a badge of honor.

Daniel Oyston said...

My advice? Listen to Julian's Mum. She knows boats (2 points to anyone who gets that reference to an ad).

People are gonna do stupid things, hell I have and still do, but what do people get out of posting the photo? No one thinks you one of the cool kids cause you post a photo.

The problem is, apart from the really bad ones, people making signs or faces or whatever, the photos are out of context. Prob hilarious at the time, when everyone is drunk, but not funny in the cold hard light of sobriety.

Show some respect because I guarantee one day that one of these episodes will go down and revenge will be sought ... and it won't be pretty.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Like the gent under the piano, there are a lot of people that have pics of themselves on the web they regret. It is just unfortunate that this incident didn’t happen say three years ago.

Had it happened before the proliferation of social media, people would have chuckled about it the day after and maybe given him a hard time at work, but then moved on.

Sure we should be careful about the images of ourselves that get put on the net, but people especially young people, will be idiots and pics will get online. People shouldn't have to bear the brunt of a pissed night for the rest of their lives. The unfortunate image may never go away, but as a society I think we need to learn how to put them in perspective.

Employers should definitely use the web to vet their potential employees, but priority should be given to looking for a positive online presence. Does the candidate have interesting opinions on their blog, are they connected on Twitter, what is their writing like? If 500 pissed pics came back showing an obvious train wreck every weekend then sure be concerned. One or two pics from a couple of years ago, well maybe they need to be kept in perspective.

Natalie Green said...

Point taken. Privacy seems to have gone out the window with a few of those folks' underwear and scruples.

But mainly, god that made my day. I love posts that mix life lessons with a darn good laugh at the expense of total strangers.

Except. There are such things as scanners and potentially any photograph in existance could be www-ed.

Maybe there are also 2 more lessons:
1. bloggers like print publishers should be held legally accountable for what goes on their site about other people

2. politicians have better reason than ever to be honest at all costs

Anonymous said...

Not sure where to post this but I wanted to ask if anyone has heard of National Clicks?

Can someone help me find it?

Overheard some co-workers talking about it all week but didn't have time to ask so I thought I would post it here to see if someone could help me out.

Seems to be getting alot of buzz right now.


Scott Drummond said...

Hey mate - there's an academic idea that expresses what you're talking about here that you might like to use:

Distributed surveillance

It comes from a military background but when everyone has a camera on their phone (and hence with them at all times) surveillance becomes something we all do, rather than something that is centralised and controlled by governments etc.

In other news, I totally agree with your Mum.

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