Australian Youtube star Blunty3000 and Toshiba promotion

Blunty3000/Nate (Australia's 3rd most subscribed Youtuber) has collaborated with the people at Toshiba, he is giving people the chance to win a new computer all they have do is tell Toshiba what song they should put in their latest commercial.

Why does this work?

- Low involvement to entering. All you have to do is suggest a song.

- Blunty3000 is all about technology and gaming so this is not a stretch for his audience or for him to talk about computers.

- Full disclosure is given that; Nate has teamed up with the people at Toshiba.

The whole thing is pretty similar to any promotion you would see running on television. What is interesting about it is that Australian Youtube Vloggers are starting to do paid forbranded promotions with full disclosure.

EDIT: My bad, after the jump on Nate Youtube description it states that this is not a paid for promotion. However, Nate would love to get a new Toshiba, and they would be mad not to give him a computer after what he has just done! IMO there is no drama here if money did exchange hands anyway.

On a side note, anyone know the agency involved?


Kate Richardson said...

I don't know Jules, this isn't that different to doritos, samboy or subway? It's still base level user generated advertising.

But the entry mechanic is more interesting with the involvement of Blunty3000 and shows some brands are taking vloggers seriously.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link and commentary man, but you could use some fact checking, you could have asked me, or even read the video description, where I state pretty clearly that this was not a "paid promotion", and explains why I did it.
Simply, it gives value to my viewers (chance for a freeby computer) and is a fun and easy competition that plays to something I'm passionate about, music, and the importance of audio in video media.

I appreciated the rest of what you had to say though :) Cheers.

Julian Cole said...

Hey Kate, the difference for me in this one is that Doritos, Samboy and Subway all went through Youtube and got traditional banner placement to support their competitions.

Toshiba went through Blunty3000/Nate, this carries authority within the Youtube Tech community, a banner ad on the side of Youtube does not come with any of this authority value.

Hey Nate, totally my mistake and I have made the amendments. The focus of the piece was not entirely on the 'paid' for part, what was the interesting part was that a commercial message was being produced as part of a Vloggers channel and it was being done the right way in my opinion.

When done right, it can have great effect. I think as you say this is an area that you are passionate about so it is a good fit for you and your audience.

I do not see there being any drama with you actually getting paid for this stuff either. There needs to be some exchange of value in my eyes.

You have invested the time in creating a video which is talking about their brand. There needs to be some exchange back on their part. In my books it is important to reward both the vloggers audience and the vlogger. Be it money or a computer.

In my books, They would have to absolutely crazy not to give you a computer after everything you have done for them. Good luck with that one.

Anonymous said...

Julian, the agency was Zing. Just thought I would let you know ;)

Anonymous said...

I should also point out that Autumn:01 did the excellent ice video of the laptop.