Summer of Awesome

I was lucky enough to get 5 weeks holidays between jobs this summer. I got down to Meredith Music Festival in Melbourne for three days.

Then went off to India (Kerala and Goa) for 11 days

Followed by Pyramid Rock Festival

I read the following books

Marching Powder - Jaw dropping account about Bolivian Jails, quite an easy read.

The Google Story - It is amazing how much a University culture has affected, the culture that was created at Google.

I have just started Rich Dad, Poor Dad – it looks really interesting.

Anyways in terms of interwebs and marketing, I read a good summation of 2010 trends by my ol mate Ash Ringrose and the guys at SOAP.
I wrote my thoughts about the future of digital/social media in Australia in 2010, I wrote a piece for Ben Shpeherd’s blog. Congrats to Ben who also deservedly won the Mumbrella Industry Blog of the year. I was stoked to be shortlisted for it.

I will also be writing some guest posts for Mark Pollard and a book review for Daniel Oyston in the upcoming month, look out for them.
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