Close of Business for Adspace-Pioneers

Well I am off to India tomorrow, so I thought I would do a end of year post.

I do not think this blog would have been as strong as it has been without the knowledge I have gained from working at The Population. It was a massive year launching over 15 social media lead campaigns. I was doing the numbers the other night and that amounted to 80,000 people becoming fans of branded Facebook Pages and over 600,000 views of branded content on Youtube.

The highlight was The Contender Australia Facebook Page, which now I would officially deem as an ‘online community’. There are currently over 25,000 fans on the Page who speak about everything that is boxing with around 1,000 interactions on the Page a week.

Thanks to Tony and The Population for giving me the chance to work on these killer projects.

For anyone interested, here are my stats;

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