Volunteering Unplugged - My 1st Social Media Project

Back in August 2008, Naked Communications got the green light for the first Social Media project for Seek Volunteer that I would be a part of. Volunteering Unplugged was based on the insight that, bloggers were intrinsically giving people, giving up there time to publish information for others, these were the same traits that were associated with volunteering.

With this insight, came the idea for Volunteering Unplugged, a place where people could share their stories about volunteering.

Thank you to the following bloggers for being involved in the project, this would not of gone ahead without their involvement;
Life in Mono , Firebug Theme , Miss McMuffin , Autumn Leaves , Violet , Sheila’s Wonderings , The life of an Audit Diva , Servant of Chaos , Corporate Engagement , Wonderwebby , Consumer Psychologist , Imaginif

A special thanks to Dave from NuffNang Australia, Olivia Whitty, Naomi Barson and the Seek Volunteer Team.

I am currently in the States driving Route 66 with my dad, Social Media is about being involved in the conversation that is happening at the moment. Unfortunately I will be offline at this critical time. So to all my readers if you have a blog and have volunteered please take 5 minutes to share your story at Volunteer Unplugged if you do not have a that much time, a tweet about the project would be awesome, I promise the first round of drinks are on me when I get back.


Anonymous said...

You and Gavin were such an inspiration, I was compelled to submit my story. Its a fantastic idea, especially given that volunteer work is on the rise.

Volunteering Unplugged may need to verify with me for moderation, its a pretty tall tale. I was a teenager in the St John's ambulances, at a music festival I had an encounter like a scene out of 28 Days Later, with calamitous violence and cannibalism...

Audit Diva said...

Hi there,

Thanks for mentioning my blog, but I had just heard from Seek that my post was removed after publication because it did not 'align' with their objectives. I just wanted to make that clear in case people wondered where my post was!

I was asked if I wanted to 'tweak' it but I refused as my post was about my experience and I won't compromise my integrity just to be published.

Good luck and keep up the great work!

Julian Cole said...

@Returnon, thanks so much for getting involved and sharing your story. 28 Days Later and cannibalism that sounds really interesting, I cannot wait to read it.

@AuditDiva, I am going to look into this for you because that does not seem right. I am currently on holidays but I will inquire about what happened and try to fix this. I am sure they weren't asking you too compromise your integrity, I know the gang at Seek Volunteer and I do not think they would do this.

Kate Richardson said...

I think this is a great idea!

I did have a giggle at the comment "bloggers were intrinsically giving people, giving up there time to publish information for others"

While there is an element of truth, I don't think you could deny that self promotion is a key motivator for most bloggers.

Volunteering mostly comes without public acknowledgement.

Sally Skeptical from Sydney

Dave said...

Hey Jules,

No worries and Nuffnang could help out. The site looks good too!

Look forward to working on more blog projects.