Facebook Pages vs. Groups

What should you choose when deciding between a Facebook Page or Group?

Facebook recently made an upgrade to their system that will affect your decision to make a Page or Group;

- Facebook Pages now allow for the admin to create status updates which feed into peoples mini feeds.

- Facebook Groups cannot

-Page admins can now invite Facebook friends to join the group.

- Facebook Groups cannot (now with the upgrade you can, Thanks Zac for pointing this one out)

- Page Admins can now include more tabs (applications) to their page to personalise the experience

- Facebook Groups cannot

- Page Admins now have great Analytics into how many people are visiting and interacting with the page

-Facebook Groups do not

R.I.P Facebook Groups May 2009.

Facebook have also improved their advertising model you can now advertise Sponsored Events or Sponsored Videos in users Highlights section. You need a minimum media spend of $10,000AUD for this though.


Zac Martin said...

Could you clarify on Facebook Groups not being able to invite people/friends?

And nawww, my name appears on one of your screenshots!

Julian Cole said...

Good point old comrade! SInce the latest update they have included 'invite people' option to groups.

I still strongly believe that we will see an increase in the number of Facebook Pages rather than Groups.

Tannie said...

As someone who's looked into utilizing facebook this has been one thing that has annoyed me greatly. Groups are at such a major disadvantage. I mean with a page being able to add applications is a huge help because it means you can integrate other things like blogs, twitter etc. Pages updates are also a lot less invasive than the messages that have to be sent via a group.

Overall it seems like a completely broken system. I was assuming this may right itself with time however it seems it may not. Perhaps it's time to cross everything over to pages >_>

Lippy said...

I am interested in the costs of pages?
Does anybody know where there is a great reference to how much it will cost me to "Pimp My Page." - Facebook itself has not been great in outlining this.

I am not looking to go crazy with it or anything... I just kind of want a similar kind of layout, displays and fan base, to say... Obama?

Ned Dwyer said...

Any idea what the CPM/CPA is on the sponsored events?

Julian Cole said...

Hey Ned,

Here are the details on the CPM for Sponsored events, Min spend $10k

$5.50 base CPM
$1 added CPM for age/gender
$1.50 for city/state targeting
$2.25 for interest/keyword targeting.

Hey Lippy,

Shoot me an email and I will put you in touch with the Australian Facebook Sales guy, I really do not know how much it would cost, it would really come down to creating a destination site, through creating an App. I know Blackberry Australia have done this at the moment.

Julian Cole said...

Hey Tannie,

I think what you will notice is that all future updates for non-profile based activity will be around fan pages, they are really pushing forward with this stuff.

I can tell you that this is of great annoyance to Zac and I as well. We created a large community around Monash Caulfield Student Union group and now we are stuck with the clunky Groups system, I think you just have to make the jump to Fanpages because otherwise you will be living in the past.

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