Plinking revisited

The future for product placement looks bright for all parties involved.

I looked at bringing plinking out to Australia about a year ago. But after a little investigation, I realised the Australian Market is not big enough, this seems to be the problem with a lot of digital ideas coming to Australia. However it seems that the idea is going great guns in America. With another startup giving it a good go. There business model works better because they are asking the viewers to places the product placement within the videos rather than the advertisers having to sit through and put the placements in.

Thanks bigsecretpizzaparty for this find.


Anonymous said...

Hey there. I'm Hessie Jones from Overlay.TV. Saw the post and thanks. You should know that you can edit the size of the video on your site if you'd like. the way the video is rendering does not include the carousel that lists the overlaid information -> this is on the right hand side. Please don't hesitate to email me

Julian Cole said...

Thanks Hessie, all the best with I am thinking about writing another post on the brand personality that you have instilled with your website and intro video. I think you are doing great stuff.