Sexecutive Position

In need of a job? Durex has just launched their search for Condom Testers 'Sexecutive Positions'. There is 200 unpaid positions here.

I like this alot and think it has got alot of good elements. It is getting a core group to trial the product and then a clear Word of Mouth idea to carry the message. It is also taking advantage of the new trend of consumer wanting to 'get involved'.

However it does not seem to offer much in terms of embracing social media. Pretty standard 'enter your friends email address here' launched off a Microsite. '

I would of suggested hitting, and with these positions advertised. I would also of liked to of seen some embrace of Myspace and Facebook networks. The website is pretty boring and does allow the consumer to engage on a deeper level with the product either.

Good idea, standard execution

Not too far away from the Toohey New Beer Testers idea either.