Power 150 Aussie Bloggers on the sidelines

They have just released the 150 most influential blogger in marketing and advertising. Unfortunately i did not make the list however there were a number of Australian bloggers who got in the top 150 and top 350. At 63 was Servant of Chaos written by Sydneysider Gavin Heaton, at 111 Better Communication Results written by Lee Hopkins freelance Communication Business Consultant, at 262 Media Hunter the blog for Sticky Advertising about Media in the Hunter Valley, at 290 PR Disasterswritten by Gerry McCusker author of the Public Relations Disaster, at 312 Young PR at 327 written by Paull Young an Account Exec at Converseon, The http://jasonrecliner.blogspot.com/ one of my favourite blogs written by Vando, at 346 The Marketer, at 350 Insight which is Jim Antonopoulos who runs a the startegy brand insights company Igloo.


Gavin Heaton said...

Thanks for the link, Julian. Vando's blog (though fairly infrequent these days) is also one of my favourites.