Wanted Comms Planner to work on PlayStation at BBH

The past month has been a whirlwind of events, I was over the moon to be a part of the team at BBH NY to win the PlayStation account for North America. Since then, I have been tasked with leading the Communication Strategy for PlayStation. For Communications Strategists - this is the dream job. Gaming and sports are the only two categories where you get that elusive continued high level of engagement in communication that is rarely seen by consumer brands. 

Because of this high level of engagement there has seen a lot of the ground breaking work in the Communication Strategy world come from the gaming category in the last couple of years.  From the boom of Alternate Reality Gaming, thanks to the Halo franchise, to what we now see as the best practices in Social Media Marketing which were being pioneered in gaming forums 10 years ago. 

If that was not a great enough, add to that challenge that PlayStation just announced that they will be releasing the next generation of their console this year. With speculation that Xbox will announce a new console too, the communications strategy has never been more important in ensuring that PlayStation is the next generation of console that is purchased.  

The scope of this job is quite large and with that I am looking for a Communication Strategist to join me at BBH to help create the most compelling work possible for PlayStation so far. I really want to meet a Strategist that is a gaming nut, not someone that plays games but the kind of person that knows the intimate nuances within the gaming community and what makes its members tick. Like all Strategists, this person needs to be fascinated by consumer behavior, have fantastic attention to detail and can multi-task like a pro. They also need to have 2 - 5 years agency experience. 

If you know someone who would be perfect then get them to send through their CV and Xbox Gamertag/PlayStation ID to me at julian.cole(at)bartleboglehegarty.com 

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