Smarties 8 Colours of Fun and the online narrative

One of the latest project TCO have been working on is the Smarties 8 Colours of Fun campaign. One of the most important choices was how to structure the content. It was initially going to go out as episodes following all 8 artists at once, we made two changes to this, we put out episodes following one artist and child at a time and decided to release all the content at the start of the campaign.

Twelve months ago, I would of done the opposite. However one thing I have picked up on in the last few months is that stories told over time do not work online.

R.I.P The Online Narrative

You need to give the audience everything at once. Don’t think that they will come back to look for additions to your story, even if you have them hooked (via Facebook Liking, Youtube Sub or Twitter Follower). This has been supported by the fact that there has been a high number of cross over viewers from one video to the next, this out weights the number of views that could have been brought through the number of new subscribers.

If you are not following the campaign, become a fan at Smarties Australia
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