The effect of ‘fan’ to ‘like’ on Facebook Ads

Which one of the following three is an ad for a Facebook Page?

It is near impossible to figure out which is an ad for a Page or an external website.

If you are running Facebook ads prepare to see a decrease in action rate (how many people become a fan without clicking through to the site). The action rate accounts for about 70% of your fan growth, with the rest coming from people who check out the site and then fan or get an update in their newsfeed.
I can understand why Facebook did this because they realized the language is not right, you do not become a fan of KFC, you become a fan of a Sportsteam, you like KFC. However calling it a ‘like’ which is the same as the rest of the external ads on the site seriously effects the amount of people who will click on those ads or the direct fan action that we used to see.

I have got some live campaigns running at the moment, so I will let you know if I see an effect.

R.I.P Become a fan ads
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