Facebook Page Growth: 30-40% attributed to earned media

Facebook is really helping to close the gap between advertising and social media. It now gives brands the opportunity to incorporate and track both paid and earned media in the one place.

Doing some analysis over three Pages (The Contender Australia, Grinspoon, Vanessa Amorosi) I am currently working on I worked out that for every three people that join a Page through paid media, they will indirectly influence two friends within their network to join the Page via the suggestion box/highlight or news feeds of their friends pages.

Lode cash in on the indirect earned media 'Suggestions' spot

In my opinion Facebook is the only social platform that has an advertising model that is worth investing in. We are seeing some of the smart agencies in Australia pick up on this and really launch some big exciting campaigns through the platform Telstra Digital Mums (DDB), The Skinny Cow (Publicis Digital), 5 Seeds (Holler), and Lynx (SOAP).

Methodology: Since the upgrade to Facebook Ads in June 2009, they now give you action rates which is how many people become a fan directly from the ad. So subtracting this action rate number from your Page growth gives you the viral growth rate, I then made that number into a percentage (Grinspoon - 34%, Vanessa Amorosi - 39% and The Contender - 40%). I would love it if anyone else would like to share their stats


Andy Miller said...

Great post Jules. I completely agree with you on the value of Facebook advertising.

I've seen similar growth patterns utilising a range of targeted Facebook ads for the pages I've been managing over the the past 4-6 months.

We've got an interesting case study in the pipeline to test this theory even further. Will let you know the results.

Matt Burgess said...

Would that also take into account growth from new fans coming from official sites? For example, Grinspoon have their Facebook page linked to off their official site. So you would think that would send a few new fans of the page that way, no? That might mess with the figures a bit?

Julian Cole said...

Hey Andy, I am looking forward to hearing about the case study, I do not think there is enough sharing of people using Facebook Pages

Hey Matt, thanks for commenting on the blog. I think with the FanBoxes with Grinspoon only a very small percentage of people would of clicked through from the Page, it didn't get high traffic. However you are correct in suggesting that there would be things that we could not measure, such as people clicking on the Page and then becoming a Fan a day later not directly from the Ad.

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