Case Study - Football Superstar : Running a successful Facebook Page

Last night was the final episode of the Fox8 reality TV show Football Superstars. We looked after the online promotion of this show. One of our tactics was to create an official Facebook Page. We knew their audience used Facebook and that it would be a great way to keep an on going dialogue with these fans.

We found an existing page for Football Superstar, which we took over from a fan from last season. The group had 347 fans. It was amazing how effective the Facebook Advertising was for finding fans of the show. We grew the group to well over 5,400 fans.

It will not win any awards but god damn it was effective with a ridiculously low cost per acquisition rate of 20c.

4. Key Learnings

1. Female Skew
We originally set the advertising to just Male (14-23) but what we found was that the show had a strong female teen audience, who were actually the most vocal online.
Page Demographics
Demogaphics on who was interacting
2. Stars were active
A number of the stars from the show were really active on the page. This was great for fans to feel closer to the show.

3. Facebook Pages still have a few glitches
You cannot create an event that invites everyone from a page to an event, this is a little annoying. However the Status updates get amazing responses and a great upgrade.

4. Some things are out of your control
State of Origin and a Soccer Final on the same night as your finale and launch is going to seriously affect your ratings.

Update on MasterChef
I wrote a review of MasterChef's Digital Strategy earlier in the year, they are now doing a great job with there Facebook Page, check it out. I cannot believe Justine got the chop.


jefske said...

That is some amazing insights jules.
how did the facebook ad work?
Was it contextual/demo targeted... nice result for a tv show =)

Kruppy said...

Very interesting Jules. Everyone knows it's a great medium for social networking but great to see some analysis on Marketing performance! Very cool. I have a couple of questions:

1 - Once users clicked on the ad where did it take them straight to the FB page?

2 - How did you define interaction (wall / status comment?)? And how on earth do you measure demographics of those who interacted?

Kruppy said...

Sorry re measuring demographics I assume you could just click on the profile of every person who wrote a comment but just wanted to find out if there was a more efficient way as this would be very labour intensive...

Kruppy said...
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Julian Cole said...

We used the new Page Ads, they are far superior because they tell people if any of their friends are part of the page. IMO this build validity in the ad and page.

We started highly targeted to Males 14-28 who liked soccer but realised that we needed to be targeting females as well.

1. Once they did click on the advertising it took them straight to the Fan Page (Wall).

2. Interactions were any comments from people on the wall, comments and likes. We ended up with 2,442 interactions overall.

3. Information on Demographic breakdowns can all be found in the Insights section for Admins.

Your mate Kane Ludic said...


Just a question, if just a regular facebook user set up this site would they get similar results?

Because Melbourne Victory already had a huge following with a fan page [not offical] having about 6,000 members [the dude has now closed it to make way for an official one]

Plus it's a TV show that people were already interested in so therefore was gonna gain popularity.

So I think that if you set up a fan page people would join anyway, but obviously you excel in getting people quicker and higher numbers, am I correct in saying that?

How do you compare that as well?


Ya Mate Kane Ludic

Julian Cole said...

Hey Kane,

The main difference is that advertising can help to increase the rate of adoption. I think there are a lot of people out there who would become friends of certain fanpages but just do not know about them, dormant fans.

For instance with the Football Superstars Page, it was live for the whole of Season 1 and they were only able to get 347 friends.

I guess we added additional value by being able to put exclusive content on the site that didnt make it onto the show. We also helped to make sure that comments were monitored so that no one was giving away the ending of the show.

Ya Mate Kane Ludic said...

cheers jules!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to give Justine the chop

Ben Shepherd said...

how do you tie interaction to ratings? was this more about building audience or holding audience? reason i ask is due to my own curiosity.

what are the KPI's/upfront metrics on campaigns like this or is it more a suck it and see test/learn/evolve approach?

one anecdotal feeling i get from facebook is acquisition isn't the hard part - repeat traffic is ... is there much data around the usage of those who signed up to the page? More qual less quant type insights?

cheers Julian,

Ben Shepherd said...

any word jules? no problem if you don't feel comfortable answering my q's in a public domain.

Unknown said...

Very interesting, I love seeing hard data like this.

Kruppy said...

Thanks for that Jules nice work

Julian Cole said...

What are the KPIs/upfront metrics? How to tie interactions to ratings?

We had the acquisition KPI of 3,000 fans. I think with interactions/ratings it still is very much the suck it up and see. The good thing about it is that we are creating a lot internal intelligence about running Facebook Pages; what works best for creating interactions and when time to communicate with fans and benchmarks for interactions/ratings(sales)

RE: More qual less quant type insights - What were you looking for exactly? Anecdotes from fans or anecdotes from us as Admins of the Page.

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