Convergence of the Australian Online Marketing Community

The evolution of online communities is an interesting thing to watch.

At the moment we are going through a phase of a converging of traditional marketing journalism meeting the marketing blogging community. There seems to be a rising trend of bloggers being the source of news in traditional media channels.

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Heidi Viral

Although this has happened in the past (Papworth and Uluru), I am thinking this will occur more regularly.

The antecedents to this convergence, mUmBRELLA.

Why did this occur?

1. Looking at the taxonomy of blogs (which I will be writing a post on very soon), Mumbrella stands out, it would be classified as a “News Blog”, whereas the majority of blogs on Marketing at the moment are very much “Popular Mechanics Blogs” looking at the workings of marketing and advertising rather than the reporting.

2. Tim Burrowes ex-editor of B&T has established networks within offline marketing journalism community, therefore it was easy to get offline media influencers to read his content.

3. Burrowes also respected the online community and made an efforts to make sure that he acknowleded who was online. Goodlinx and Summation of incidents online

This will appear in other communities; I would suggest that Crikey lead this for Political Blogging, I would be interested to hear if anyone know any other cases in Australian blogging (fashion, sports, music?) where there has been a convergence of traditional media and citizen journalism.

My upcoming post on taxonomy of blogs will look at the impact this has on Marketers/Publicists.

Edit: Asher Moses writes for SMH not The Australian.


Kate Richardson said...

Hi Jules,

This is definitely something I've become conscious of over the last week as two of my comments on blogs in the last week have ended up being reported on in a Mumbrella post.

I have to admit to being a bit startled as comments which might normally just be kicked around the blogosphere have made their way upstream.

It's one of those little coming of age moments, and I think Mumbrella will play an interesting role in the sphere in the coming months

Anonymous said...

Its an interesting proposition Julian, but valid in its approach.
I was speaking with Mark Pesce some time last year and he was discussing the evolution of Twitter. As an early adopter, he spends every waking moment tweeting and keeping his entourage informed of his whereabouts and activities. But more than this, he noted that its real advantage was the way in which all social networkers are now quasi-journalists. He spoke of the Chinese Earthquake that occurred May 2008, and the fact that he was aware of its occurrence well before AAP. He had a tweet from a friend in China discussing the earthquake as it was happening, and then giving 3 min updates so that for the next 24 hours, there was no traditional news story that could tell him any more than he already knew. Check this link here for more coverage of this:

So there you go. The speed, agility and responsiveness of social networks allows users to report news to the market regularly and more effectively then traditional channels. Its a trend that will only grow as more and more people become active users of these networks as opposed to passengers or passivists.

Mumbrella is the perfect example Jules. I saw Tim on Sunrise this morning, but I already knew what he was going to say because I had read his blogs from last night about the Witchery stint.

Laurel Papworth said...

hahaha there's a discussion on Mumbles blog that he is SUCH a journo crossdressing as a blogger. No convergence just lots of lovely tabloid-y snark. :P here

Hey Jules, you might like presentation to freelance journos We did kinda get into a circle though. Me saying "if you build a readership online, you'll be more attractive to editors hiring freelance bloggers/journos cos you'll bring your readership with you". Them responding "but why should I write for free?". You get the picture :P Which reminds me, your blogroll is outta date hon! (not silkcharm anymore but I miss Silk.. :(

AKTIFMAG said...

"My upcoming post on taxonomy of blogs will look at the impact this has on Marketers/Publicists."

What about a post about the taxidermy of marketers and publicists?

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how exciting it is to find myself in one of Julian's infamous diagrams (as previously mentioned by Mark Pollard).

I suspect that there will be lots more of the same as marketing journalists become increasingly aware of non-traditional media and start treating it as a patch to look for stories in, like any other.

One slightly ironic result of Mumbrella's growing audience over the last few weeks has been that as PRs representing media/ marekting clients from the traditional space became aware of us, they started bombarding us with info and leads. While welcome, it's meant pressure to spend less time on keeping up with social media which has been giving me so much interesting material in the first place.

I think I'm going to have to try to stay disciplined about that. Back to the RSS feeds, I guess...


Tim - Mumbrella

Stanley Johnson said...

Hate to come across all old school, but I wish you social media kids would hire an art director to do your schematics, flow charts etc.

As always, you make some interesting points Jules.

However I cannot take Mumbrella seriously when it has a blogroll without BrandDNA on it.

Perhaps if you were to give me a better pioneer ranking Mumbrella might take me more seriously. ;-)

Anonymous said...


I must confess, I've got a little behind in my blogroll updating. My plan was any time I linked to somebody, that'd be the criteria to add them on.

In which case, you'd be king of the blogroll. Which you are, or rather will be, when I get myself organised...

Anonymous said...

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