The Boys from Bannerblog are minted; free lunches all round

So if you didn’t hear, the brains trust behind Bannerblog (Australia's No.1 Marketing Pioneer Blog) have been pretty active lately; Ashadi Hopper just put the downpayment on his new Penthouse overlooking The Bridge and Ash Ringrose just bought a 156 inch television screen so he can play WoW in real life and shit.

I broke into Ashadi's new apartment, stole a bottle of D.P from the fridge and took this photo on my iPhone

Ash's new television and the person he bought to explain how to run the damn thing.

If you didn’t hear the boys got their blog sponsored for massive bucks by Double Click.

So are we all going to be getting payouts?

Well when you look at the category of blog that Bannerblog would fall under it would be more of a news source and information storage blog. Unfortunately there would probably be only a handful of Marketing blogs in Australia that would fall under news (B&T, CampaignBrief and new hot shot Mumbrella) and I don’t know how many would fall under storage (Inspiration Room Daily and maybe Paps is trying it out with her endless Twitter lists)

This is a great for Mumbrella though with a new revenue model (single blog sponsor) being played out a few months before he goes for it or decides against it.

I am sure if we can get the boys away from sailing their new Yacht’s around the Harbour, then they would probably be the best guys in the business to be leading this kind of initiative.

Well done guys and good luck!


Stanley Johnson said...

A bottle of Don?

Sounds like something The Bogan would pick up from the Aldi drive thru.

I suspect you mean Dom darling.

Julian Cole said...

Thanks Stan, always can rely on the English to help raise the class of this blog. Edits have been made! ;)

Dave said...

good to see bloggers being rewarded for their hard work!

MrTruffle said...

thanks Julian,

most bloggers dont realize that if you grow a real audience it becomes valuable. But also the money earnt / the amount of work that goes into the blog = very little pay. But better than adsense.

Julian Cole said...

@Ash/Mr. Truffle/PerezHilton2.0, I think that there is more to the value equation than the pay check you have received from Double Click. Your profile has definitely shot up from being the man behind Bannerblog.

I think for most Marketing Bloggers there is no need for Adsense because they are selling their own brand and get the value which is worth much more than the Adsense $5.87 paycheck per month.

Unknown said...

I wish i'd thought of Bannerblog....

MrTruffle said...

Oh I forgot to mention as it was put in right back at the start but 25% of my gross (not net) revenue goes to charity.

this is pretty tough when it comes time to pay hahaha as I'm always WTF 25% is a lot!

I also spoke about it here

and here

Julian Cole said...

@zoescaman I wish I could live on 4 hours of sleep a night. Bloody Ash works 18 hours a day. I am jealous cause I need my sleep so much.

@Ash that is awesome that you are donating 25%.

On a side note Ash I think I am going to call you the earliest of early early adopter, talking about social media in 2004, with examples!

I want to go back to 2004 (7:30) when trolling was considered good social media marketing.