RSVP beat the odds this time but the death of Online Dating Sites is near

I really like this approach by, I think Love Communication (the agency behind it) has done a really neat job at communicating a cleaner image for the brand. As picked up by information aesthetics blog it is very similar to the opening of Stranger than Fiction.

However for me Online Dating Sites are on the way out with people now choosing Facebook over dating sites. There is more security, going on a date with a friend’s friend rather than a complete random.

As my research has shown people are more likely to portray an accurate image of the person they are offline in Facebook as there offline friend’s are viewing the material they put up and will ‘call them out’ if they start expanding the truth.

However on RSVP, I could of just done AIDS work in Africa for the last 5 years and now am going back to University to study Medicine/Law, even know I don’t have to because I am inheriting my parents multi billion dollar business. Enough rambling here is the male version for RSVP

And another clever ad by Love for Ricoh Printers.


Laurel Papworth said...

not exactly.

Facebook is primarily a "friend" network. Dating sites are "stranger networks". Few people have as a primary objective to date on Facebook though they may join the chess club to find a date.

Also "stranger" dating services are often more about finding a ahem "date" for one saturday night, not a long term relationship. it's just plain weird if your sibling or boss shows up when hunting down floozies :P