From mean to green.

It's sunday afternoon, I was sitting at the dinner table with my family enjoying a sunday roast. My nephews mean the world to their parents, my parents, my sisters and myself. You cannot help to wonder what challenges in the future that these children will face? Corporations that may have frowned on environment-friendly products and services are beginning to understand the effects their products and/or services have on the environment.

Consumers going from cheap unleaded to premium, from 6 cyclinder fuel injected cars to hybrid, from environmentally mean to environmentally green.

Political forces in the macro environment with nations such as Singapore are forcing cleaner productivity through legislation. Within Australia, recently the Howard Government has acknowledged the issue at hand and though have said little about what they are going to do about it, will hopefully propose a plan for a cleaner Australia.

Environmentally safe market activities are now essential for organisations to become competitively sound. The days of when Mr. Burns like entrepreneurs who would annihilate entire forests in the name of progress are now coming to an end.

BP and Rio Tinto are currently becomming the favoured children of the raw materials and petroleum industry with the push for cleaner energy, namely a project which emphasises the conversion of fossil fuels into carbon dioxide and hydrogen to reduce the environmental impact on depleted gas fields and in doing so reducing greenhouse gases (more complex than it sounds).

Musicians are also acknowledging the problem and have come together for the well advertised Live Earth concert which is going to be held in Sydney, in addition to New York, Hamburg and Tokyo to name a few cities.

Partners of Live Earth include Pepsi, MSN and Smart. Their Slogan is SOS - Save Our Selves, hopefully all the worlds large and small organisations will follow suit and become environmentally sound.


Unknown said...

"Live Earth" appears just to be an exercise in promotion with none of the money going into environmental initatives. Is there a need to promote environmental change when this change appear already to be evident?

Nicholas Miltos said...

Its purpose could be to emphasise change and to promote it further.
Environmental change is a touchy subject for some, though it does not provide funding, it does however allow SOS to gain support. Especially in light of Al Gore's huge electricity bill (one of the founds of SOS, Save our Selves).

However we have to remember, that Live Earth promotes environmentally friendly activities as to avoid Climate Change. Climate change only just recently became a major topic world wide.

In addition, Live Earth does assist in promoting SOS initiatives. Especially those surrounding climate change.

What's in it for sponsors? Well the display of good corporate citizenship as well as advertising helps position themselves as an environmentally friendly brand. In the long run, Live Earth might be very beneficial to sponsors.

Just a few thoughts, bit sleepy due to assessments and exam prep.

Anonymous said...

The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our duration, the clearer we should get a load of from one end to the other it.