From Marketing Causes to Lulz - 7 new Aussie Blogs

Most of these blogs have been around for a long time but they are new to my Blogroll and worth a mention.

Hello Sunday Morning (Social Cause to Marketing)
His Twitter bio said it all, during the week Chris Raine works for youth ad agency (FRESH). On his weekend, he writes the blog Hello Sunday Morning - changing youth binge-drinking culture.

It is really good to see someone in advertising using their knowledge for their own side project. I really like the name Hello Sunday Morning too.

Love number two
Is the blog I wish I wrote, his post are well thought out and are detailed on the subject of marketing/technology.

Pablo Jeffress Vs Hellomonkeyboy
(Marketing to Awesome)
Pablo Jeffress is one of those guys who just finds all the cool stuff on the internet so you do not have too. Gold finds so far have included Copycunts.

Where's my pony - Claude Ware
(Awesome to Lulz)
It is rumoured that her job is just to find awesome stuff on the internet for Myspace. Her Tumblr delivers the goods. She introduced me to the Liztomania clip by the Brat Pack.

Chronicles of Dardia (Lulz a Million)
Imagine getting four Annik Skelton's and deporting them all too Perth and making them write their life story all on one blog. These girls are very entertaining! If you like them then you should also check out another Perf Native Wack Sauce. Also follow SexyKits aka Grace from the Chronicles on Twitter.


Jessica Brookes said...

Great, thanks for sharing Jules. I've added these to my list of follows.

Love the "Hello Sunday Morning" blog, such a good idea.

Me said...

Curse those hilarious dardians and their successful blog!

*starts new blog titled 'chronicles of wack sauce*

*blogs about penile discharge, girls with irritating dispositions and Marion Jones*

*receives a million hits a second*

*is able to sleep at night*

Stanley Johnson said...

Some good finds there Jules. Well spotted.

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Gavin Heaton said...

Four Annik Skelton's? Now, that's just plain frightening!