MyBower - When 2 hobbies meet

Me at the 2007 Western Antique Bottle Show, Williamstown

One of my hobbies outside of writing this blog is collecting Antique Bottles. I collect suburban Milk Bottles and Eucalyptus bottles. I am currently the President of the Western Antique Bottle Club one of the last four clubs in Melbourne. Blogging and my bottle collection had been fairly removed till the other month when I was looking in the mail and I found some advertising for a online social network site for collectors called, Mybower.

A pretty simple site however I was impressed with the way they engaged the club. They had already set up a page for the club and gave a username and password for the club to use. Therefore removing the barrier of the trouble associated with setting up a page.

The other day, Zac was talking to me about how annoying it was to have to constantly keep setting up accounts for different sites, I guess this is one solution to that problem. I wonder what other creative solutions will be thought of for this problem?


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