Monash Marketing Department what are you doing for us?

According to Philip Kotler, Marketing is ‘Satisfying needs and wants through an exchange process.’ In terms of the Monash Marketing Department this involves educating students so that when they graduate they can perform the tasks needed by the organization they will work for. An important part of the exchange is the communicating the value of the product or service being offered. Something that I think the Monash Marketing Department is ignoring.

However, It appears that some students are taking control of this situation and communicating their value for the Department. I have become a part of an unofficial Monash Marketing Blogging Clique (Rick Clarke, Simon Oboler and Zac Martin). We are all communicating our potential value to future employers by posting our insightful analysis on recent marketing events. These blogs are not just being read by students either, one look at the comments section and you see a number of people in the marketing industry responding to these posts.

So my question is, with this great new channel for communicating the value of their product, what is the Monash Marketing department going to do to make the most of this situation? And to Marketing Student Bloggers how can they help us?

One way that these student bloggers have leveraged from the Marketing Department was by appearing on the latest podcast for Marketing Today where we had a ‘Student Bloggers Roundtable discussion’ with Monash Marketing Lecturer Peter Wagstaff. Have a listen here.


Stanley Johnson said...

Future employees?

Employers, surely?

Unless you're thinking really, really big, of course.

Julian Cole said...


I always like to think big. But yeah that was an error, thanks for that pick up. Changes have been made.

Zac Martin said...

Brilliant post. If the university really wanted to show themselves as pioneers in marketing education they should integrate blogging and other social medias as soon as possible.

I guess the question becomes "How?". I don't have the answer but I think recognition and support would be a good start and then working this into the academic coursework. I know Peter already received some feedback about that podcast which suggested perhaps part of an assessment could be a blog.

I know for my internship I'll be approaching an organisation to see if I can help implement a social media strategy... much like a recent post I read. ;)

Peter Wagstaff said...

Well done Julian, I agree 100% with your views.

Although there are a few of us prepared to get involved in social media at Monash, we're well and truly in the minority. The main problem is with the beaurocracy of the place (Univeristy overall, not the Department of Marketing)... it's a huge organisation, filled with conservative, narrow-minded "managers" who won't even allow youTube or iTunes, let alone blogging, wikis or podcasting. Even my award-winning Marketing Today podcast has to run on external services (Blogger, Feedburner, etc), as the University is unable to provide me with in-house IT support.

Keep fighting for what's right - we need people like you to help open the eyes of the ignorant bureaucrats!

Peter Wagstaff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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