Jessica Alba - The Tipping Point.

I was listening to the Gen Y Marketing Podcast the other day and they were talking about the tipping point of Twitter. Suggesting it will be when a famous person starts twittering.

It appears another online site just got their tipping point thanks to a celebrity. The site I Beat You just got there tipping point in the form of Jessica Alba recording a video stare challenge. With over 3 million hits on the video in 5 days. The site has kicked a major goal in getting traffic to the site even if it is 14 year old Jessica Alba loving boys.

It actually had some other interesting content on the site too. With the Best Motivational Poster competition, I love these posters!


Zac Martin said...

One day we should swap RSS feeds and podcast subscriptions cause that Gen Y Marketing Podcast is pretty fucking sweet.

Julian Cole said...

Sounds like a great idea! Would be totally up for a bit of trading. Reminds me of swapping footy cards at primary school! ;)

Daniel Oyston said...

Nah, don't just swap. Not sure what you Mexicans did with your footy cards but we used to "flick for them".

You guys should both put up an RSS feed and then there is a challenge. Winner gets the feed.

thii could be huge!