Kira Plastinina, Working at Burger King and Evolutionary Brands is it possible?

Last week, 15 year old Russian fashion designer Kira Plastinna opened her first store in the US in SOHO, New York. This little Paris Hilton loving princess is now a multi millionaire with over 40 stores in Russia. Daddy bank rolled her for a million dollars, which kind of reminds me of when my dad bank rolled me $45 for my Burger King uniform. However that does not takeaway from the fact this girl is a success.

However if you look at her designs, they are what every 15 year old girl loves pink, pink and more pink. This got me thinking about the speed of female fashion. What a girl wears when she is 15 is quite different from what she wears when she is 25. So what effect does this have on a brand that’s main driver is the chief designer.

As Kira grows older will her faithful consumers move with her? Can a brand be evolutionary with a demographic? I cannot think of one brand that has stayed with a generation through their life? So what will happen to the Kira Plastinna brand in 10 years? Will it stay in the 15 year old girls fashion market or move to 25 years old fashion market?

I don’t know. All I know is that Burger King still owes me $32.50 for that overtime I worked back in 2001.


Zac Martin said...

Wow. What an incredible concept. I can't think of an example but I suspect that's because it doesn't exist.

I've been reading a bit about this lately and I find particularly interesting the concept of instead of expanding your customer base you contract it. Focus on the customers that are already loyal and willing to spend and stay away from mass production and average products for average people.

I think in the next decade we could find an example of a brand that stays with a customer segment for a lifetime.