20 friends who changed my life

Really exciting change is happening in my life at the moment, I have decided to move on from Naked Communcations and Monash University to embark on a really exciting project. I will reveal more when I can.

However I just thought it would be a great opportunity for me to thank the people who have helped me to get to where I am today. I will be indebt to you for providing me such great value/lessons/opportunities in my life.

I really hope that I can show you, that the time that you gave me was not wasted and that you can see that you made a valuable impact on someones life.

Thank you to the following people

Naked Communications

Mat Baxter – Was able to recognize my talent
Adam Ferrier – The reason I started at Naked
Mat Topfer – A great boss and role model

Monash University

Peter Wagstaff – Gave me confidence in my knowledge, helped me make the right decision
Cori Hodge – I will always be his protégé
Irene Powell
– Helped me produce a great thesis
Emily Greco – Student Rep Camps helped me with great personal development
Marcus Phipps
– PHD Workout mate (Mind and Body)
Zac Martin
– Helped take me to the next level
Hunter Simmons – Pushed me to be better than the average
Natalie Khoo – Gave me my first big break as Editor

Jeremy Smart – Number 1 Work Mentor
Scott Drummond – Gave me a great opportunity with Marketing Magazine
Katie Cincotta – Best god damn journalist friend ever
Laurel and Gavin – Although they don’t know it yet, they provided great Australian blogging role models
Faris Yakob – First blog I real religiously
Sheryl Allen – You showed me to follow my passion
Susie Cole – Made me make my own opportunities
Mr. Wallace – Made me love maths


faris said...

gosh. that's a lovely thing to say. thanks so much and best of luck with your new project.


Gavin Heaton said...

Hey Jules, thanks for the kind words. It was great to meet you last week. Looking forward to your next "visit".

Peter Wagstaff said...
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Peter Wagstaff said...

Thanks Jules! Looking forward to following the next few exciting chapters in your life.


Julian Cole said...

No worries thanks so much for getting me to start writing.

Gavin, I am not in Sydney this Friday but I am definitley looking forward to many more friday breakfasts

Wags thanks for talking me out of all those jobs that came before this one. The grass was never greener. ; )

Zac Martin said...

Juju, I can't thank you enough for the role you've played in my career, my passion and my life.

Together we are going to change the world mate.

Julian Cole said...

Zac it is definitely bromance! ;)

I really believe we are going to make a huge contribution to this space. Can you just hurry up and finish your degree cause I am tired of waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jules,

Still reading your blog, as you can see, thanks for the kind words and the funky link as well :)

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